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Ready... Set... Goal!

Simplified list of Action Items detailed in your Marketing Workbook which should be incorporated in addition to the Sploot! Monthly Marketing Planner Items.

Coaching & Training

Initial Discovery Session

January 5th, 2021

  • Discovery of current organizational operations
  • Check-In with satisfaction of current operational functions
  • Identify Top Successes & Stressors
  • Determine Focus Areas
  • Set Goals & Implement Action Plan


Quarterly Coaching

Butterfly is very serious about you meeting your goals!

Schedule Your Next Session in January 2022!

Focus: Check-In with satisfaction of new operational functions, discuss action plan progress and determine next steps and new focus areas.


Potential Next Steps: Mailchimp integration for adopter updates, community updates and rescue pleas.

Learning Lounge

Virtual Learning for all of the strategies outlined in the monthly marketing planner.

Dogly Rescue Profile

Shelter/Rescue Code

Sploot Strategy Tip: This is your organization’s Dogly shelter code!  It should be used when posting all Learning & Support Group Events on Facebook and can also be given to anyone as a “referral” code to receive donations through the platform.

Adopter Sign Up Code

Sploot Strategy Tip: PRINT this adopters’ resource and explain the benefits of having a professional resource for all behavior, training, feeding or wellness questions that might pop up during the post-adoption transitioning phase.

Volunteer Sign Up Access

Sploot Strategy Tip: Save this VIRTUAL PDF and send it to new volunteers via email as an attachment or forward along using the link below!

Monthly Team Development

Sploot Strategy Tip: Share this Team Development Page which contains updated outlines of the current month’s real-talk discussion schedule and educational content recommendations for fosters and volunteers.

Sploot! Marketing Planner Designs

Virtual Events

Online strategies to include supporters in needs-sharing and interactive educational events.

Awareness days

Strategies to bring awareness and celebrate festive days all the while adding education, helpful resources and fun facts.

Team Building

Strategies to cultivate a welcoming, nurturing and appreciative environment that presents a new age perspective of animal welfare involvement.

Pet Promotions

Strategies to shine the spotlight on pets in your care seeking safety and adoption.