Year end giving

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joys of giving.

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Clearly define your fundraising goals for your year end giving campaigns and define how each platform and strategy can be utilized best to achieve that goal. It's important to articulate this goal to your volunteers and public supporters as well. Asking for money is not as motivating as asking for X amount of dollars that will go directly towards Y.


Email Marketing is more than just ONE email with a big ask. Of course that is part of it, but you need to trickle the asking out to supporters throughout the year and get subscribers comfortable donating and seeing specific asks for different fundraising items. Also, make sure to include direct links and clickable donation buttons right inside your emails!


Create an event on Facebook for your Year End Goals, or Giving Tuesday to have a designated space where you can post updates and information and of course THANK YOUS to supporters. Trickle reminders every week about your targeted Fundraising Goals in social posts on Facebook and Instagram Stories. Asking ONCE, especially on Giving Tuesday and expecting great results is simply planning to fail.


Everyone is looking at the "BIG FISH" but there's tons of opportunities available for accumulating a lot of donations by offering various options to give that are all equally as impactful. Does it matter if you are given $10,000 or $10,000 of supplies you were going to purchase? Nope! it's also very important to allow your supporters to feel capable of contributing and helpful by providing opportunities that are comfortable for them. Ask for financial donations and wishlist items, sharing and promotion, volunteerism, holiday fosters, and any other creative donation.

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