For the Public – Fundraiser:

Offer to create people’s holiday cards and add an awareness promotion or your adoptable pets to them!  You can offer options for families to choose from by promoting your pets or certain specific ask messaging and then create JPEG or PNGs they can send out to friends and family via email or send to print and send via snail mail.


For Volunteers & Fosters:

It should be free to your team – it’s a great way to include them in a fun, lighthearted holiday campaign to advocate their appreciation for the animals they give their time freely to care for!

We're Offering to organize this awareness/fundraiser promotion for 15 shelter/rescues!
Check out the holiday promotion webpage example below for set up example!

How Will It Work?

Complete the request form using the button below.  We will reach back out to you via email with details and graphics we need from you and how to get them to us.  We have made this an automated process and unless you prefer to do so, we will not need to meet to set this promotion up on your behalf.

We will need:

Your organization’s information including website and link preference to direct for donations

You will receive:

A shared google folder to drop photos of pets you would like on the cards.  We highly recommend using your longer stay, senior, or otherwise “harder to adopt” pets.  Phots will mix puppies with dogs, kittens with cats and “Share Your Home” will mix dogs and cats of all ages together.

While the public will not have the option to pick and choose which pets they would like on their cards, fosters will be able to notate which pets are theirs and every effort will be made to use their pets on their cards.

Why are you doing this for free?

Tis the season!  But really, Sploot is here to support Animal Welfare Organizations and show through example how we can offer help in a way that doesn’t ask anything in return other than trusting we have your best interests at heart and in mind.


  • Post on Facebook & Instagram
  • Send an Email Campaign of the offer
  • Create a space for orders on your website or we’ll set up a page for you!


  • Start NOW!  The holiday rush is upon us!


  • Facebook Post Promotion
  • Facebook Event Cover & PreWritten Text
  • Instagram Stories Promotion
  • Design Card Templates
  • Google Form Template Order
  • Website Template
  • Option for Us to Put this all together for you!


  • Decide if you want to commit to this or if you’d prefer for us to handle it for you! 
  • Limit options for easier creations
  • Assign volunteers to assist in the graphic creations if doing them yourself
  • Be CLEAR about the messaging you want to send on cards



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