Team Training & Virtual classes

Training classes make it easy for your organization to become successful at marketing your mission using the latest trends, tools and strategies.

Animal Welfare Marketing: Sploot! 101 covers all of the strategies offered within the Ulti-Mutt Marketing Planner plus common topics discussed in Coaching Sessions such as:

Team Building & Recruiting Strategies

  • Daily Team Exercises & Prompts
  • Celebration & Appreciation Greetings
  • Simplifying Social Media Content Flow
  • Simplifying Communication

Virtual Fundraisers & Educational Events

  • (Static) Online Wishlist & Awareness Fundraising
  • (Interactive) Virtual Educational Support Group Fundraisers
  • (Pre-Scheduled) Adoptables Showcase for Longer Stay Pets
  • (Pre-Scheduled) Facility Tours & Volunteer POVs
Setting Up Educational & Engagement Post Content
  • Creatings a “Resource” Public Page
  • Monthly “In-Theme” Awareness Campaigns
  • Special Recognition & Holidays
  • Opportunities for Additional Support

Purposeful Pet Promotions

  • Design Do’s & Don’ts
  • Advertising Do’s & Don’ts
  • Emergency Calls to Action & SOS Help Do’s & Don’ts

The Power of Language & Experience Sharing

  • People Focused Language 
  • Importance of Content OBJECTIVES
  • Engaging Your Online Community

Basics of Website Design

  • Creating a “Virtual Shelter Experience”
  • Educational – Not Emotional Pet Profiles
  • Power of Community Partnerships


Canva is a powerful, yet simple resource for animal welfare organizations.  It is FREE to charities and can serve as a communication center where notifications and content can be created, organized and pre-scheduled to multiple platforms from a single starting point.  

This intro class covers everything you need to know to utilize Canva as a “main hub” for content sharing and calls to action.  Using Canva effectively, your organization’s leaders can team build, collect content from fosters, manage social media platforms and generate additional funds through online fundraisers all starting in Canva.  

The best part – you don’t have to have any graphics design experience or think through strategies for organizing more effectively.  We have done all the stressful and overwhelming parts for you and offer a “How To” implement right here!

Topics Include:

  • Integration & Content Planners
  • Photo Content Organization
  • Branding Templates from Sploot!
  • Creating Stories & Post Batches
  • Fun & Fancy Design Elements
  • MP4 Animation & Videos
  • Design Do’s & Don’ts
  • Designing Your Objectives


Creator Studio is a great tool used for scheduling and viewing performance for marketing materials posted Facebook and Instagram.

This intro course covers everything you need to know about using Facebook’s Charity Tools, with special focus on Creator Studio to make the best use of volunteers’ time and tracking your followers responsiveness to posts.

Topics Include:

  • Scheduling Posts
  • Using Multi-Media Posting
  • Tracking 7 Day & 28 Day Insights
  • Facebook Ads/Boosting Posts
  • Donation Tools
  • Creating Online Events
  • Creating Online Fundraisers
  • Downloading Donation Reports
  • Viewing Comments & Questions


Canva templates offer an awesome and easy way to use short clips to promote personalities of adoptable pets under 1 minute.  For videos that require a more attentive viewer (such as Virtual Adoption Events), videos are a great tool and easy way to create simple, visually pleasing videos for your target audience.

This intro course covers everything you need to know about using both presentation videos and video templates provided by Canva to make beautiful, professional-looking videos!  It is best to take Intro to Canva first to get the most out of video editing so you can easily customize the templates to your message and branding preferences.

Topics Include:

  • Picking Templates
  • Using Animations
  • Adding Videos
  • Adding Music
  • Important “Last Page” Customizations
  • Viewing Before Downloading
  • Downloading Videos to Post

Instragram is a great marketing tool to highlight ALL adoptables in a quick glance feature while simultaneously capturing the beauty and features of individual animals cared for by your organization.

This intro class covers everything you need to know about using our customizable templates in Canva, with special focus on making best use of the photos you have of your adoptables looking for homes on the Instagram platform!

Topics Include:

  • Setting Up Highlights
  • Posting Stories Using Templates
  • Adding Fun Elements to Stories
  • Adding Donate Buttons
  • Stories Templates vs Feed Posts
  • Using Hashtags


Mailchimp is an easy to use email automation that is user friendly, simple to set up and highly effective as a “follow up touch point” for adopters, donors and volunteers.

This intro class covers everything you need to know about using our customizable content to create automated emails for supporters plus monthly email blasts to your entire subscriber list.

Topics Include:

  • Accessing Templates
  • Uploading Mass Subscribers
  • Customizing Template Emails
  • Creating Automated Emails
  • Donation Opportunities
*While this class is specific for Mailchimp, it could still be beneficial to organizations using other Mass/Automated Email Platforms to take away a few helpful hints on how to set up and use automated campaigns, most email marketing platforms are fairly similar with features.


Strategic Planning is the process of establishing and documenting where you are and where your organization is heading.  A well written strategic plan is critical in recording your mission, vision, goals and action steps, all which play a pivotal role in your organization’s growth and success.

This intro class covers the basics of Strategic Planning, with a special focus on areas within animal rescue organizations that are proven to be of significant influence on Digital Marketing success.  

Topics Include:

  • Setting & Tracking Goals
  • Creating Foster Groups
  • Creating Volunteer Groups
  • Setting Social Media Expectations
  • Increasing Online Donations


Collaborative Brainstorming is a really awesome “IN REAL TIME” opportunity for those in animal welfare to gather together to discuss current stresses, brainstorm ideas and create new large scale, impact driven solutions.

This learning class has an “anything goes” agenda.  Registrants will be asked to submit a Creative Questionnaire PRIOR to the learning class to prepare them for our time together.  Based on questionnaire feedback, a Brainstorming Board will be prepared for the class identifying potential solutions and techniques to use to work through collective struggle points and exercises to do with your team after class.

Topics Include: