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We delight in the beauty of the Butterfly... but rarely do we acknowledge the change it had to go through to achieve such beauty.

- Maya Angelou

Your Mission. Ours Too.


"Every animal welfare organization should be entitled to a Marketing Strategist on their team regardless of size or budget. With a shifting movement for animal sheltering to break systemic barriers - I'm determined to make strategic support available to ALL of these deserving and dedicate people within our own community who are also desperately in need of help."

- Dana
Sploot! Creator

we hear your SOS

I am more than a marketing professional. I am a volunteer, a foster, an adopter, a donor, a rescue founder AND a single mom to a 13 year old up-and-coming gentleman, 5 kitties and 2 pups.  I know the emotional, physical, mental and financial struggles everyone in animal welfare experiences and I intimately understand that at the end of the day, the most overwhelming thing to manage is the amount of shame felt when you consider giving up.  Many organizations are crying for help and especially right now, help feels like it’s not coming… but it is.

support people's Passions

We are all involved in this industry because we love animals and it hurts our souls to consider the amount of little lives that suffer due to circumstances completely out of their control.  But I’ve realized the best way for me to be of the most service to animals in need, is by using my expertise and skill set to support the amazingly dedicated people fighting for them daily.  It’s time for people (like me) to step in and support the passions of our fellow animal lovers by offering assistance in ways you all are in desperate need of.

Many Hands Makes Light Work

We all want the same thing… animals being wanted and cared for, pet owners being responsible and enabled to keep their pets in every circumstance, public perceptions of sheltering, breed discrimination and irresponsible breeding to be corrected, animal lovers to get involved with local organizations, donors to gift financially and help when and where we need it.  Together, we can figure out the best ways to use our talents and services to support EACH OTHER as well as these deserving animals.


Initial Onboarding Session

1-2 Hour discovery conversation of your organization including operational functions, satisfaction rating of each function, motivational brainstorming of immediate impact actions to implement which will open opportunities for growth and development, determination of leadership accountability and overall realignment of empowerment to continue your mission of helping animals in need.

Empowerment Sessions

15 - 30 Minute empowering conversations intended to clarify an action item, reassurance a plan of action is being implemented properly, re-evaluation considering unexpected roadblocks, new teammate or point of contact for action items.

Quarterly Strategic sessions

30 minute - 1 hour strategic re-discovery conversation of your organizations current position, your satisfaction rating of each operational function, accountability to action plans, motivational brainstorming of new or re-evaluated action items and any additional guidance that would benefit your team the most.

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