The Ultimutt Matchmaking Questionnaire

Adoption Application (the words) needs to be scrapped - and MATCHMAKING QUESTIONNAIRES are a great alternative!

It just makes more sense and feels better as a form-filler.  I know I will personally fill out anything that I feel/think will tell me more about myself, so let’s use that to our advantage!  There’s nothing on your adoption forms that can’t be reframed into a guided discussion question and better understanding about pet placement expectations for both the adopter, pet and rescue/shelter.  Here’s a few considerations for going the QUESTIONNAIRE route instead of the APPLICATION route (language MATTERS!!!)

Communication Over Denial

While a lot of discussions today revolve around “are you barriers or no barriers” it doesn’t have to be that black and white.  It can be “we are discussion focused” that may include restrictions BUT done so in a way those restrictions are used as learning moments instead of denials.

Another solution is PET SHARING!

If there’s some concern from the adopter or the rescue/shelter, a gentle approach to lowering barriers is to utilize Pet SHARING instead of adopting.  This can offer a mutually beneficial solution that continues to give control over the pet’s medical/veterinary care to the rescue/shelter that can afford it but places physical care in the hands of loving, capable and willing families.  For many of these “barriers” building a relationship with families instead of denying will bring so much more value to your pets, the families, and pet welfare as a whole.

Instead of "We Require a Home Visit" use...

Would you like a volunteer to help you “puppy-proof” your home or discuss ways to ease the cohabitation transition if you currently have pets?

Instead of "Must Bring All Pets" use...

Would you like to discuss the best ways to introduce pets or would you like to ensure the first impression is a positive experience for the safety of all pets and family members?

Instead of "Provide Your Landlord Information" use...

Have you received your lease agreement to determine if there is a pet deposit and/or pet rent?

Instead of "Provide the last 5 Years of Vet Information" use...

What is your feelings/approach to veterinary care:

  • a) go every year
  • b) go during baby phase then as needed
  • c) only emergencies
  • d) holistic
  • e) never
  • f) not sure, what do you recommend?

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