Team Building Collection

A Week's Worth of team building Exercises posted in 15 minutes!

Volunversary Shout Outs

Shine the spotlight on volunteers and fosters who are going above and beyond for the animals in your care by recognizing individuals that have volunteer anniversaries!

Birthday Shout Outs

Shout out team and staff Birthdays on your public page as a special thanks and appreciation.  Individually recognize volunteers and staff in the subject.

Birthday Thanks!

Share a big thanks on your public page and provide the results of collective birthday donations and recognize those who donated invidivually!

Recruiting Series

Explain your organization’s need for help!  Make sure to provide details on how to volunteer, what to expect and list out opportunities.

Motivational Monday

Keep your volunteers excited by showing them the results of their selfless efforts volunteering with you every week!

Sploot Strategy Tip: Create a specific space in #Slack or Facebook to share Motivational Updates!

Tell Us Tuesday

Lighten the mood by giving volunteers and fosters a space once a week to share personal experiences, fun facts about themselves and to learn more about each other unrelated to their mutual love of animals.

Sploot Strategy Tip: Create a special space in #Slack or Facebook to engage without disrupting flow of critical information and notifications!

Whip 'Em Out Wednesday

Weekly reminder prompts for volunteers and fosters to whip out their photos for social media content!  

Sploot Strategy Tip: Give Fosters individualized Google Folder Links they can click and upload photos!

Thankful Thursday

Share special “thanks” by showing appreciation for all those large and small gestures of giving.

Sploot Strategy Tip: Use integrated Google Drive Folders to send donation photos right to Canva!

Foster Friday

Showcase first time and long term fosters by sharing their real feedback experiences to potential fosters.

Sploot Strategy Tip: Use Google Forms with folder links to auto-upload photos into Canva!

Social Sharing Saturday

Prompt Reminders to encourage current volunteers and fosters to share personal stories/photos about their experiences to recruit for more volunteers, fosters and donations!

Sploot Strategy Tip: Get your team involved in all aspects of recruiting using fun, experience sharing!