national take a hike day

november 17, 2021

Hiking is a wonderful exercise for humans and dogs!  Cats can also take part in the joys of hiking so long as safety measures are in place to ensure they are finding their hiking journey stimulating and enriching and not stress inducing.  

Safety considerations when hiking with pets:

  • All pets should have collars with identification tags
  • Microchips should be checked to ensure they are properly working and contact information is up to date
  • Cats should be secure in properly ventilated and climate controlled back-packs, using a harness with leash connected to your person in case of inadvertent escape
  • Dogs should have properly fitting collars with properly fitted harnesses, using leashes to connect to harnesses (in case of a slip or other situation that will hold their weight up by their harness and not their necks!)
  • Bring plenty of water, poopie bags, snacks, cell phones and make sure a friend or family member knows where you went, when you left and when you should be expected back

Hiking can also be done at local parks for an enjoyable stroll – (OUR ORGANIZATION loves when volunteers take our dogs on daytrips as it is very enriching for them! We welcome those interested in sharing the joys of pet ownership but who cannot own a pet right now to sign up for this mutually beneficial bonding time!)


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