Dogly: Rescue Dog Specialists

DOGLY ONLINE FUNDRAISER EVENTS STRATEGIC INTENTIONS It’s important for your organization to be seen as a resource for current and potential pet owners.  Online fundraiser events allow you to build transformational relationships with your online supporters by offering them a reciprocated feeling of support and connection to your organization and it’s mission of creating more […]

Community Engagement

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIC INTENTIONS Building relationships start with your online presence, often the first impression of your organization to a potential supporter.  Community Engagement is a strategic plan to share the happenings of your efforts with your “online team, making them feel included, aligned and involved in your mission.  The more connected online supporters feel […]

Team Camaraderie

TEAM CAMARADERIE STRATEGIC INTENTIONS Creating a space for your team to feel recognized, supported, encouraged and understood is such a critical part of camaraderie and retention.  When your team feels appreciated, heard and important, they are 100% more likely to stay interested, helpful and committed to the animals they care so much about AND the […]

Adoptables Strategies

ADOPTABLE PET PROMOTIONS STRATEGIC CONTEXT Adoptable Cuties! Here’s a few adorable adoptables to make your day just a little better!  These faces bring so much joy to our team as they are all bring laugh out loud sillies, quirky personalities, comforting cuddles and heartwarming moments.  Wrap Up Options Come Visit us this weekend from 10am […]

Recruiting Strategies

Post Content RECRUITING STRAGTEGY STATEGIC CONTEXT Team Up with us!   We have lots of opportunities to be involved in ways you are comfortable and that fit easily into your schedule!  We’d love to Share Our Pets with you for overnight stays, a few weeks or even until adopted!  A wonderful pet ownership opportunity without the […]

Weekly To Do Lists

WEEKLY TO DO LISTS CLICK AND POST CHECKLISTS A weekly outline of items you should be posting to ensure all of the strategic plans for the month have been templated, scheduled and delivered to your online supporters, team and adopters!  Your planning items should take approximately 15-45 minutes depending on your comfort with content and […]