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Digital Planner

As a Strategic Sploot Member, you will have a personalized digital planner to share content and communicate details for posting each month based on your top digital marketing priorities such as:

Education & Awareness to Enhance

Animal Flows

Every month we showcase the uniqueness of each pet, taking special care to draw a clear line between disclosure and unnecessary oversharing.  We focus on harder to place/long stay pets highlighting positivity, potential and personality matching, encouraging animal lovers and pet parents to consider:

Inclusive Online Fundraising through


New Age, Digital Fundraising can create meaningful donor relationships simply, quickly and highly effectively.  We focus on specific, “out of the box” crowdfunding opportunities that are solutions-focused and feasible for all of your supporters to participate in philanthropic giving including:

Camaraderie Culture that

Engages Animal Lovers

Animal Lovers and Pet Parents are passionate about supporting their own pets, pets in need and other pet parents in need.  We use purposeful posting to build and strengthen the bond between your organization, pet parents and animal welfare advocates.  We focus on creating a digital teamwork culture which prioritizes:

Representing the Standard of Pet Care for

Adopter Communities

You love the pets in your care and you want them to have the best lives possible when they are adopted into homes.  We use messages that firmly states your organization holds itself accountable to the same long term care for these pets you expect your adopters to provide, encouraging the continuation of relationships with families post-adoption.  We focus on ensuring your adopters feel supported and encircled in a community of pet parents to share the joys of pet parenting and to help guide decision making for all future questions including:

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