Sploot's Pet Welfare Marketing Strategist

Your Mission - Mine, Too.

Hi There! My name is Dana and I created Sploot for the people within pet welfare who just don’t have the wherewithal to become marketing experts while managing an organization full of pets that need your time, money and dedication more.

I’m a single mom to an amazing teenager, 5 cats and 2 dogs.  My pets (and my kiddo) can be seen throughout Sploot as they are the reason I live my life focused on making the world a better place in the ways that I can for them and others like them.

If you’re considering allowing me to be a part of your organization, it’s important you understand the foundation of who I am so you can feel confident in my intention to help.  My current state of self is a result of:

  • Being raised upper middle class and having everything I ever needed
  • Experiencing traumatic events and emotional damage I wouldn’t wish on anyone so thousands of dollars went into learning to be a calm assertive woman with an open mind and sound boundaries
  • Becoming a mom in my early twenties and having to figure out a way to manage my time to ensure I have a financially fulfilling career, am always present for my son and tend to the mental health needs of my easily overstimulated and hyper-reactive mind
  • Constantly working on myself knowing there’s always room to learn, grow and become a better and continuously humbled human being

Again, it’s so important for you work with people you feel comfortable and confident have your organization’s best interest at heart and also have the skill set to achieve what they are promising. 

Strategic Development Experience:

  • 10+ years working in Strategic Operations & Operational Development 
  • Worked for several Fortune 500 Financial Firms and maintain a consulting relationship with a Wealth Management firm
  • My career successes have always been dependent upon my ability to make the companies I worked for more successful


Animal Welfare Strategic Development:

  • Co-founded a pet rescue and adoption center in 2018.  Hybrid organization, facility houses 8 kennels and 3 cat rooms
  • Zero debt operation in under 1 year (cleared $45k)
  • Annual balance sheet reflects $40k+ in online donations, $165k+ in adoption fees and $10k+ emergency medical expense fund

*I resigned as President in October 2021 to fully pursue Sploot but remain a volunteer*

When founding a pet rescue with a few other women, we faced the same struggles being involved with animal welfare as our fellow animal-savers however, we were well positioned having strategic planning and marketing experience literally at my finger tips.

I started Sploot after the shocking realization there are zero full-scale resources available emphasizing the need to prioritize strategic planning, goal-setting and digital marketing…  it became incredibly obvious why so many animal welfare organizations are struggling considering the industry does not empower operational development or provide any feasible, professional support services.  

The immediate financial and community outreach success of our rescue was attributed to strategic marketing plus a clearly mapped out action plan to achieve the exact goals we set and I knew I could offer the same to others needing this type of help.

My philosophy is to use my experience and skill set to digitally support the amazingly dedicated people fighting for animals in need each day, so they can focus on the physical care needs within their organizations.  My strength is digital marketing and strategic planning for simplicity, I enjoy the technological-creativity that often overwhelms many in animal welfare, so if I can share my skill set and you can trust our goals being aligned in the unified mission to make pet welfare more successful for the animals we love so much, we will all get much further, much faster!

Accessibility is Important!


Consider Sploot that friend who calls it like it is, gets stuff done, is a great listener and always has your back.  No matter how great the idea sharing is, if organizations that need a little extra help with understanding what to do or actually implementing the to-do list, it’s all moot. Sploot members have full access to Planning, Coaching & Confidence Building and Accountability Calls.  Any time you feel the need, use your membership calendar to schedule a convenient time to talk through your situation or concerns.  We’ve got you!

Planning Calls

Focused Planning with Workbook

A Full Discovery discussion about your organization including operational functions, satisfaction rating of each function, goal setting, action planning, leadership coaching and accountability, motivational brainstorming of immediate impacts that can open opportunities for growth and development and overall re-alignment to inspire your continuation with your mission.

Empowerment Calls

Boosts of Confidence

30 Minute conversations intended to clarify an action item, reassure a plan of action is being implemented properly, re-evaluation in consideration of unexpected bumps, new points of contact or communication support.

Quarterly Calls

Accountability to Action Plans

This is a re-discovery conversation.  We will review your Action Plan & Goals, determine satisfaction of each and adjust or set new goals for the following quarter.  Includes discussion, coaching or guidance in regard to operational function, accountability, development and motivational brainstorming.

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