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Let's Talk Collaboration...

Let's Talk Collaboration...

The Only Collaboration Focused Marketing Agency in Pet Welfare


Sploot is currently the only full service marketing and development agency within the pet welfare market advocating the need for strategic collaborations between pet welfare organizations and pet care brands.  Benefits of utilizing Sploot’s Collaborative Marketing Membership:

We are disruptive innovators helping pet welfare organizations tap into their value as micro-influencers by promoting pet care brands that directly support the sustainability of pet welfare organizations which in turn, support pets and pet parents most in need of guidance, solutions and assistance.

The nature of pet welfare organizations’ adoption services offer a 100% (direct communication) engagement rate with pet parents at the moment of pet acquisition.  

New pet parents seek guidance from adoption counselors to recommend products and services best suited to the needs of their new family member at the very moment they are most inclined to purchase items for the betterment of their new pet’s wellbeing.  Since adopting from the pet welfare organization, they trust the organization has the pets best interests in mind and influence to purchase recommended products is incredibly high.

Our alliance of pet welfare organizations allows for rotation and wide spread reach within the animal loving and pet parenting market with a high engagement and even higher influencing value.

On the front end of your own brand marketing, you can promote your business as fully in aligned and contributing to the sustainability of pet welfare organizations all over the United States by collaborating with them in an effort to enable their mission of creating community focused sheltering and by default, supporting the development of programs that directly support pets and pet parents in need.

We're Building the Future of Pet Parent Marketing


Sploot’s approach creates connection for pet brands by engaging pet parents using integrated content.  We represent an alliance of pet welfare organizations positioned as multi-platform pet parent influencers that weave brands’ products and services into advocacy messaging, storylines and narratives in a more subtle yet highly aligned in the promotion of pet welfare and care.

Instead of paying for advertising space, brands are charged a monthly membership fee whereby brand content is fully integrated into the digital marketing strategies of a specific number of pet welfare organizations and rotated for maximum audience reach.

Connect Your Pet Care Brand with Pet Welfare Audiences


The top 5 pet care brands spent a collective $400 MILLION in advertising alone in 2020.  As an artisan, new or small scaled pet care brand, it’s almost impossible to compete with top producing, well established brands without eating into significant resources to market to the same pet parenting audiences.  The micro-influencer market impact has huge potential to be an economical source of advertising with high engagement, high ROI thanks to a combination of reach, scale and trusted sources promoting products and services… and Pet Welfare Organizations (PWO) are an already existing influencing powerhouse within the pet parenting community just now starting to realize their value and capability as such thanks to Sploot’s strategic planning on their behalf.


Contrary to popular belief, engagement rates are highest on social platforms are those with LESS followers!  Influencers with 1k-5k followers have an engagement rate of 8.8% while platforms over 10k average 1.18-3.6%.  In addition to loyal audiences, PWOs have a guaranteed 100% direct contact engagement with adopters in the moments just before and during new pet acquisition.


It’s all about value and strategy.  Our PWOs can outperform target market advertising thanks to pre-existing trusted relationships and the use of advertising strategies built into memberships vs trial and error advertising tactics such as PPC.


You’ll capitalize on the leverage of wide spread PWOs within our alliance to include territories with limited online reach thanks to direct contact engagement with adopters.  In addition, we utilize rotational platform advertising to expedite brand awareness.


Marketing strategies are tailored to align with a Pet Parenting & Welfare Collaborative Mission focus.  We’ll work with your marketing team to offer creative ideas for content submission focusing on education and advocacy to highlight your brand as a guided decision making resource for pet parents in regard to pet wellness needs.


As part of the strategic marketing memberships, the focus is using your brand to enhance engagement with pet parents.  We don’t use traditional ad campaigns but rather a slow and reinforcing flow of content to present your brand’s products or services in a learning opportunity resource format using posts on social media, fun-facts in emails, post-adoption follow ups, online learning events, etc.


PWOs nurture long term relationships with animal lovers and pet parents by providing a constant flow of never ending communication that builds trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with pet welfare supporters using strategic digital marketing and community-focusing missions.

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