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Current Digital Marketing Strategies

Sploot is Managing

  • Up to 250 Posts on Facebook
  • Up to 250 Pets added to IG Highlights
  • 1 Adoptables Showcase
  • Birthday Fundraiser Reminder
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Volunversary
  • Post-Adoption Follow Up
    • Immediate
    • 3 Month
    • 1 Year
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Shared Online Learning Events
  • Local Events as Needed
  • Call to Action Online Events
  • Virtual Adoptables Showcase
  • Virtual Volunteer Showcase
  • Monthly Crowdfunding
  • Donate Buttons
  • Monthly Virtual Showcase Event
  • Weekly Prompting for Team Joining
  • Volunteer Sharing Prompts
  • Foster Sharing Prompts
  • Community Sharing Posts
  • Volunteer Opportunities Highlights IG
  • Foster Highlights IG
  • Fun-Sharing Prompts
  • Appreciation & Recognition
  • Celebration & Acknowledgement
Communication is Key!

Virtual Content Sharing

Use the below tools to share content and communicate your digital marketing needs with us.  All links can be shared with your team as you see fit but are only unique to you (they are not generic links to all Sploot Members).  It may feel like there is a lot of information that needs to be provided every month, however, keep in mind we’ve been able to simplify your effort down to just a few minutes once every few weeks – so we can create an entire months worth of digital marketing strategies for you!  

To ACCESS/SHARE FOLDERS: Click on the icon for the folder you want to access.  Hover over the icon, RIGHT click, then click “Copy Link” to share with your internal team or include in inter-team communications.


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