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Animal Welfare
marketing Strategist

I am more than just a marketing professional.  I am a volunteer, a foster, an adopter, a donor (and a single mom) – I face the same struggles being involved with animal welfare as my fellow animal lovers.  In addition to my heart’s calling to rescue animals in need, I am passionate about supporting the organizations which offer these animals the chance they deserve to feel safe, happy and loved.  I deeply understand your challenges and genuinely want to help ease organizational burdens by making overwhelming tasks simple and offering myself as an educational resource and sympathetic motivator.  

Creative Designer

I am a Creative Designer by day and also a volunteer, foster and progressive Cat Lady.  I’m passionate about animals and after befriending a small, feral colony of cats several years ago – I’ve been obsessed with using my design talents to showcase the beauty of rescued animals through digital media.  I understand the frustration of having a pet with a wonderful personality overlooked because they aren’t as fancy as others – and I am determined to change the way people view ALL deserving animals by giving them all a chance to sparkle and shine in the limelight by utilizing creative digital designs that are super simple and quick to use and that encourage social sharing!