2022 is the year We


The outdated archetype of animal welfare organization being seen as a “charity case” is over.  It’s no doubt you are noticing the public is no longer responding to calls to action they way they once did.  Marketing trends have revealed that 50% of the population does not relate to outdated archetypes expressed in advertising and media which for animal welfare looks like the old way of begging for donations, blasting Sarah McLachlan commercial vibes and continuous desperation cries for help without seeking progressive solutions.

Animal Welfare Platforms need to CHANGE now more than ever – and while change is hard there is such an incredible opportunity to benefit significantly from making supporter audience demanding moves using digital marketing.  The pet care industry is on top of these changes and the industry is BOOMING – it is also a fact they are all competing to be seen in a trustworthy, do-gooding space by pet owners (their $$$ target market), so why shouldn’t that be animal welfare organizations instead of other pet influencers?  

If you’d like to be a part of a network of animal welfare organizations focused on shifting their platforms to powerful, influencing resources for current and potential pet owners, join us as we make our mark in 2022!  We’re planning to fill the calendar with leading marketing and business development professionals to help ensure your platforms are positioned to better the lives of the pets in your care, offer pet owners sustainable and enjoyable services and products and providing an alternative means of funding opportunities.  Here’s some focus areas for those within our alliance!

Content Strategy Convos

Focused on progressive messaging that inspires support

collaboration & connection

working with pet care businesses to expand Impact Reach

technology for the win

using automation to simplify Human Resource workflows

Motivating Leadership

Language & Action Plans to motivate decision makers

Alliance brainstorm networking

Open discussions targeting most needed solutions

support groups

a shared space for all the happenings!

2022 is just a few weeks away!

now is the best time to start planning for next year!

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