Brand Collabs.



Pet Brand Relationships.

We do all the upfront work on behalf of pet welfare organization to facilitate fund-generating relationships with pet brands.

Pre-Negotiated Funding Programs

We fiercely vet pet brands and establish giving programs with 100% of donations generated from referral purchases benefit each respective organization.  

Adopter Kits, Event Handouts & Displays

We literally print and mail you marketing packets every month customized with your pets and unique supporter codes.

Passive, Engagement Focused Fundraising

Product promotions are weaved into relationship building content for pet parents which offer special supporter discounts for pet care products.



Participating Brands.

Organizations are automatically enrolled in existing and new brand collaborations but at any time, the designated “Super Admin” can terminate participation from any collab.

Mighty Paw


Trust Building.



New Pet Support Program.

This automated program offers step by step guidance for the first 2 months to parents with newly adopted or fostered pets. 

Consistent Check-Ins with Tips

Weekly check-ins for 2 months via email or text to parents with new adoptive or foster pets to ease the home transition

Personalized Pet Planner

Each pet has a fully interactive support planner with customizable details, activity management and update sharing forms

Return Reducing Product Promotions

Pet parents can shop for pet welfare approved products and explore the benefits of recommended tools that can reduce / eliminate unwanted behaviors that often lead to retuning new pets



Guidance Pet Parents Know They Can Trust.

Serve as an “all-in-one” resource for pet parents to seek guidance so they can learn, grow, plan and shop for their pets.

New Pet Support Program

Pet parents will receive emails and text messages with check-ins, tools and tips to help ensure a stress-free transition

Training & Planning Guides

Your fully interactive support plans and library of pet care + training guides provide a starting point for every stage of pet parenting

Pet Welfare Approved Products

Pet parents can shop for aligned products for their pets while simultaneously supporting the pets in your care

Social Media.



DIY Toolkits? No Thanks.

We create content, post it on our platform and tag you as a collaborator!  All you need to do is accept the invitation or share from our page as your own!

Collaborative Content

Using the Collaboration features on Instagram allows for maximum reach on multiple platforms and simplifies sharing your content to Facebook and Stories!

Long Term Stay Pet Spotlight

We'll promote your longest stay + most in need pets on multiple channels and cross-share on pet brand platforms

"Without Asking" Digital Fundraising

We use our "Without Asking" engagement strategy to weave pet tips with brand promotions and supporter offers to generate financial donations



Monthly Templates.

We also provide a monthly library filled with design templates and pre-written, copy+paste captions to engage audiences and promote pets using themed content. *Canva is free for non-profits.

Sploot Marketing is a pet welfare focused strategic planning service on a mission to develop innovative, progressive solutions which create a more sustainable position for pet welfare organizations.