Advocate for Involvement


Here’s a few quick and easy ways to gently advocate involvement in pet welfare sharing your experiences and giving your friends, family and social acquaintances a first person, trustworthy reference that sparks curiosity and peaks interest in learning more!

Facebook/Instagram/Tik Tok

post a favorite pet!

Plain and simple, we all have one (or a few) pets that make us smile and we just feel more connected to.  Self-nominate to become their Online Advocate!  Share more personalized experiences you have with these pets!

Pet’s Name

  • Pet’s Age and Gender
  • How long has been at your organization
  • Your favorite things about them
  • How they make you feel or why you enjoy being around them
  • Give info about pet sharing



  • Make sure not to turn people away by unintentionally creating barriers.  Example “I’d love to see them in a home with a huge yard” being misinterpreted as them being overly energetic and requiring a fenced yard.
  • Don’t share the saddest parts of this pet’s story – that’s not who they are anymore!

WRIte about a wrong!

Consider the reasons people have given as to why they don’t want to be involved in pet welfare and write a personal experience that specifically counters that “excuse” and accurately represents your experience in an effort to shifts outdated perceptions of pet welfare involvement.

  • Show pet’s playing to counter they are always sad
  • Show clean, bright facilities to counter shelters having asylum vibes
  • Show yourself coming home to a pet sleeping contently for those who say they work too much to offer their homes to foster pets



ask for support!

Every month there are many awareness days that offer an opportunity for gentle advocacy and education about the state of pet welfare.  Use your platforms to share messages bringing attention, in a positive and nurturing way, that supports some of your organization’s greatest needs.  Some of these messages might include:

  • Following the Public Page
  • Sharing Adoptables
  • Cat Appreciation as Pets
  • Senior Pets in Your Care
  • Breed Bias
  • Volunteer and Pet Sharing Opportunities
  • Urgent Items Needed
  • Community Outreach Efforts
  • Birthday Donations


Similar to checking in, this is giving a more elaborate First Person Experience of what it’s like to be a volunteer.  Show the varying tasks and that it’s not all cleaning poop or heavy interaction with wounded animals.  

  • Walking dogs
  • Feeding pets
  • Folding Laundry
  • Sorting Donations
  • Washing Dishes
  • Greeting Adopters


Facebook/Instagram/Tik Tok

post a video!

Keep videos under 30 seconds with a high focus on socialization, wiggle butts and smiling faces!

  • Feeding Pets
  • Walking Dogs
  • Playing with Kitties
  • Playgroups



  • Include yourself in videos to show your enthusiasm and enjoyment while donating your time to these amazing animals
  • Avoid video coverage in confined or comfortless spaces.  Videos of pets in their kennels on blankets, wagging tails and getting belly rubs is ok… Pets curled up on a riser in the corner from far away is not.
  • If only option is in kennels, push camera up against bars so they are out of focus to create a kiss cam or a boop cam, etc


Check your organizations public page under “Fundraisers”.  If there is a fundraiser currently running – give it a share on your page and add a more personalized note in the subject!


Check In!

Each time you go to volunteer, Check In on Facebook and let friends know you are starting your shift and encourage others to join you!

Add in a photo of:

  • You just outside the building about to walk in smiling
  • A smiley and happy pet you’re interacting with
  • A bunch of prepped meals for pets about to have dinner

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