Leveraging social media for long stay pets.


Our social media collaborations are crafted to amplify the reach of pet welfare organizations, help them tap into new audiences, and generate increased awareness about their cause. By collabing with reputable pet care brands, we create a shared space that showcases pets in need, particularly long-stays by representing them in a positive spotlight as “brand models”.

The Power of Social Media

At the heart of our mission, we’ve recognized the immense potential of social media to drive change in the pet welfare landscape. However, we also understand the challenges pet welfare organizations face in leveraging social media effectively. 

We’re here to bridge that gap, offering a collaborative platform where organizations can engage with their audience, reach new pet loving audiences and promote their cause in a new and captivating light.  

Our Unique Approach

Every month we send out quality pet care products from brand alliances to participating organizations. These products are used to spoil long stay pets making it simple to capture engaging content. The content is then shared across pet welfare and the pet care brand’s social platforms using cross promotion tools like tagging and collaborator invites.

This joint effort increases awareness and advocates for long-stay pets, while also painting them in a more positive light as “brand models” when they are featured with the brand’s products.  In addition, each partnering brand contributes $500 per month to our Facebook Ads fund used to promote long stay pets and the organizations caring for them.

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Our commitment to empowering organizations through vetted partnerships, ongoing feedback, and streamlined collaborations sets us apart… and we understand you may have questions.  We’re providing answers to some commonly asked questions and we’re also happy to chat if you have more!

What exactly is a social media collab?

A social media collaboration involves partnering with pet care brands to create and share content that features their products. This content highlights adoptable pets using these products, increasing awareness and showcasing the animals in a positive light.

How would our organization benefit?

Your organization benefits in multiple ways. Firstly, you'll receive quality pet care products from brands each month. These products help improve pet care in your organization and really uplifts long stay pets - making content capturing easy. Additionally, the shared content serves to promote your organization and the adoptable pets, increasing supporter reach and engaging potential adopters or fosters.

What are the requirements to participate?

To participate, your organization should have an active social media profile (Instagram and/or Facebook). You'll need to provide content (photos/videos) of adoptable pets using the brand products sent to you. We ask you to make at least one post tagging the brand and linking to their website, helping cross-promote each other and bring awareness to your mutually supportive relationship.  All other content is shared from our network of brand advocates.

How do Facebook Ads work?

Each brand involved in our collaborations contributes $500 per month to a collective Facebook Ads fund. We use this fund strategically to target audiences who love pets and support rescues. The ads primarily spotlight long stay pets, portraying them in a positive light. This not only helps these pets get noticed and adopted but also increases the supportive community around the organization taking care of them, potentially attracting more donors, volunteers, and adopters.  So long as your organization is providing us with ample photos/videos, we will keep promoting your pets.

Are collaborations really free?

Yes! Our social media collaborations are designed to be free and beneficial to pet welfare organizations. The collaborating brands provide their products and funds for us to run Facebook Ads.

Which pets do you promote on social media?

We focus on promoting long stay pets to help them get additional exposure. These are the pets that have been in care for a longer time and need a bit more help finding their adoptive or foster homes.

Can we choose products we want?

We work closely with pet brands and they provide various pet care items.  We strive to match the right products with the right organizations based on the specific needs of the pets in your care and as we build our relationship, we request feedback on preferred and helpful products.

Can we stop collaborations at any time?

Your happiness is important to us. If you're finding a collaboration isn't meeting your needs, we always want to know and will work with you or cancel the collaborative relationship.  We send boxes monthly and any time you need to take a break or discontinue, we fully respect your decision!

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