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Marketing Programs

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Long Stay Spotlight

Everything needed to boost engagement for long stay pets using a $50 incentive and brand gift "unboxing" influencer-experience.


  • $50 Posting or Foster Incentive
  • Gift Box for Pet
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Free Product for Team
  • Social Media Content Kit

Team Appreciation

Monthly incentives to show appreciation using FREE pet products + special discounts to recognize & retain happy teammates.


  • Printable Flyer with QR ScanĀ 
  • Sharable Link to monthly "Swag"
  • Customizable Template to create your own personalized appreciation message

New Pet Support

Automated sms + email series for adopters & 1st time foster parents providing a multi-week support program complete with check-ins and quick feedback buttons.


  • Adopters - 6 week automated email series filled with pet transition tips, training guides, helpful tools, free "thank you" goodies from pet brands plus a 30 & 60 day quick check-in and adoptaversary message
  • Fosters - 4 week automated email series filled with foster tips, training guides, helpful tools, free "thank you" goodies from pet brandsĀ 

Rescue Pet Content

Monthly engagement bundle with social media and email add-ins to keep your content fresh, entertaining, educational and enjoyable.


  • 1 Post Per Day social media caption + canva templates for posting on Facebook & Instagram feed and stories
  • Pet Tips & Special Offers to serve as "Give Content" that counters consistent asking and as a result, increases open and action rates

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Sploot is a pet welfare marketing agency that provides critical services by creating innovative, effortless, collaborative strategies.