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Natural Rapport believes every pet deserves a chance at happiness, a healthy belly, and a loving home. That’s why we launched the Rescue Bellies partnership – a heartfelt initiative that bridges the gap between nutritious pet care and loving adoptions. Our mission is to uplift the lives of shelter pets and support the incredible people who give them a second chance by providing digestive supplement jars so all dogs in care have the best gut wellness routine.

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Making the Move HOME Easier for Adopted Pets

Our Rescue Bellies Initiative is designed to help reduce rates of return ensuring a smooth transition for both dogs and their new families. Every dog adoption through our partnering shelters includes a Natural Rapport Adopter Kit with a digestive supplement starter pack and deep discounts for healthy treats to help start their journey together on the right paw.

Healthy Start

Adopters receive a Natural Rapport Adopter Packet to support their new pet's health from day one.

Digestive Supplements

A balanced gut is crucial for a pet's health, especially during stressful environmental changes. These probiotics are designed to support healthy digestion and immunity.

All Natural Treats

Treats are not just rewards; they're opportunities for bonding and training but can be expensive. Natural Rapport treats are delicious, nutritious, free from artificial additives and discounted for new adopters.

Interested in learning more about Rescue Bellies?

We’re open to expanding this partnership with additional shelters and rescues!  Just send us an email to request more details and we’ll happily forward partnership info!

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