PetFriendly makes flea & tick protection easy.  Their mission is to keep pets healthy and humans happy — and they want to make it easy for pet parents to take great care of their pets.  They match adopter’s pets with the right products for every life stage.  

PetFriendly take the stress out of remembering to apply preventative care treatments by delivered a monthly box on time and straight to new adopters’ doors.  

They believe in the importance of supporting pet welfare organizations, new pet adopters and long term pet parents and want to form a strategic alliance with as shelter and rescue organizations aligned with utilizing collaborative relationships that benefit everyone involved in caring for pets.

Collaboration Details


The COMMUNITY COLLABORATION MARKETING PROGRAM is designed to build long term, supportive relationships with pet welfare organizations.

PetFriendly’s goal for this strategic alliance is align mutual interest and share resources to:

  • Develop a greater presence, stronger connection and more trusting, advocating relationship within local and digital pet communities
  • Nurture supportive, long term relationships with new pet adopters
  • Increase pet parent reach using engaging, actionable content
  • Create a trusted resource for recommended products and services
  • Drive awareness and funding/sales by promoting pet brands that support pet welfare organizations 


The GIVING PROGRAM is to created to offer a zero effort, stress-free financial funding resource opportunity for pet welfare organizations.

PetFriendly’s Giving Program includes:

  • $20 donation for every new pet parent that makes a first purchase
  • 1 flea+tick treatment donation for each flea+tick product purchased every month
  • Free first treatment for team, adopters and supportive community
  • Cross Share Favorite Shelter Pet post to broaden reach
  • Potential purchase of user generated content rights to showcases shelter pets in Pet Brand’s future marketing content


Collaborations require the implementation of turn-key, digital marketing strategies plus adopter connection by your team.

PetFriendly’s Collaborative Program includes the following marketing strategies of which our team will fully implement for pet welfare organizations:

  • Adopter Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS/Text Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


All promotions are fully-managed by our team and intended to offer enhanced marketing strategies which do not interfere with existing marketing.

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