Quick Wins for Pet Welfare Promoters…


This 28 Day “Quick Win” Social Media Challenge is jam packed to jumpstart best practices for promoting long term stay pets, pet-sharing through fostering and offering online audiences an authentic, engaging view through volunteers’ eyes to inspire involvement in and support of your organization!

Self-Awareness in Social Media…


…Session 1: #AreYouEven 

Right out of the gate you’ll start by becoming Social Media Self-Aware.  Success in marketing comes from being constructively candid about what is actually working (whether you like it or not) and ditching what isn’t (whether you want to or not).  I’ll share my Social Media Audit workbook for you to complete using your Facebook & Instagram platforms to:

  1. Objectively evaluate your “user experience”
  2. Determine effectiveness of content messaging and call to action directed at potential volunteers, fosters, adopters, donors and pet parents.

…Session 2: Naughty Lists

There’s a slew of “Red Flag” language that has oversaturated the Pet Welfare space which NEEDS – TO – GO! I’ll share my “Naught List” filled with words to remove from all posts, descriptions and bios PLUS a “Yes List” of replacement words that create a welcoming, open communication, community-focused culture.

Marie Kondo Your Media…


Session 1: This Does Not Bring Me Joy

In true Marie Kondo style, I’ll share my simple and effective method of tidy-ing up Canva, trashing what isn’t working to make room for a clutter free creation space for media sharing and content organization. 

Session 2: Clear Containers for Your Content 

It’s so much easier to know where stuff goes when you can literally see where to put it.  I’ll share my “Clear Containers Content” worksheet which is a visual layout planner that will help you create 7 days of unique, engaging and critical needs content effortlessly.

Harness Your Inner People-Person…


Session 1: Communicate Like an Extrovert  

I’m a socially awkward, painfully introverted cat person but on social media… I – LOVE – EVERYONE!  I’ll share my “Socially Awkward but Pretending to Be Charismatic and Outgoing” Captions cheat sheet that will help you learn to engage on social media in the means it was intended and that your audience expects…  socially!

…Session 2: You Invited Them, Now Be a Great Host

I’ll share the top features and tools to use when promoting long term stay pets, seeking funding and recruiting fosters/volunteers on Facebook and Instagram so its REALLY EASY for people to actually connect, access more information and take the next steps you asked them to!

Camaraderie Focused Relationships…


Session 1: Transformation Over Transaction

Social Media is all about creating long term relationships with pet loving audiences – too often the focus is on “one and done” needs.  I’ll share powerful retention strategies that are simple but highly effective in creating a camaraderie culture among your in person and online supporters using simple, consistent posts each month.


The biggest missed opportunity in marketing is forgetting to include your supporters as a valuable content resource!  I’ll share a really engaging, camaraderie culture focused tip to using your volunteer/foster team and adopters’ social media posts to create content that shouts out your amazingly supportive community!


This challenge is 28 days long though it runs from April 1 – April 30th. 

Recorded Learning Sessions are available at your own pace along with corresponding worksheets or tools.

The Facebook Group will have daily prompts, interaction between our Marketing Strategist and Challengers plus a Live Q&A each week on the topics for that week.


You’ll be able to “catch up” on previous content by watching Recorded Sessions + having access to all the weekly downloads, tools and tips.

The Facebook Group will be available to you, though we ask that you look through the Daily Prompts and content to participate in the ongoing accelerated learning and keep questions for the Live Q&A Sessions.


*Keep in Mind, the group will CLOSE on May 1st and you will not have access to content any longer.

Ideally, you will have access to Zoom for Live Q&A plus Canva, Facebook and Instagram as a user and admin so you can look at insights.

Canva is free and you can sign up immediately – it may take some time for a Charity Account to be approved.

Providing you follow along, utilize the learning material recommendations and ask questions about relevant topics by the end of this 28 Day Challenge you should feel comfortable:

  • Evaluating your social media platforms to determine engagement rates, growth rates, optimal posting times, audience preferences
  • Planning out content each week quickly for Feed Posts, Grids, Stories, Highlights and Reels
  • Organizing Media Sharing with your team through integrations and quick codes
  • Utilizing Links, Content Schedulers, Online Fundraiser+Events Tabs and Social Sharing Features
  • Creating engaging content that recycles on different platforms to maximize usage

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