How It Works.

The best collaborations create something BIGGER than the sum of what each can create on their own.  Sploot makes it super simple to form collaborative relationships between pet brands, pet welfare organizations and pet parents.

Become a Collaborator

The first step is to sign up as a collaborator. From there you will explore opportunities as a pet welfare organization or begin negotiations as a pet brand.

Commit to collaborate

Pet welfare organizations can opt-in to active pet brand collaborations at their discretion. Once committed, marketing services begin.

Utilize Marketing Services

Our marketing team becomes your marketing team - we fully implement and manage all marketing strategies required as part of the collaborative agreement.

Pet Welfare Collaborators

A simple, quick online process.


Pet Brand Collaborators

A simple discussion with our Brand Specialist.

Q & A:

We’ve answered the most common questions but you can explore the detailed pages to learn more about our Collaborative Marketing and Marketing Enhancement Services!


Our Enhanced Marketing Services include full implementation and marketing coaching of your team for:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS/Text Marketing
  • Adopter Marketing
  • Community Connection Marketing


We also provide each organization with a Content Library filled with high quality, current trend marketing content that focuses on using features and tools to maximize engagement and reach you can implement on your own.

Yes… and No.

Some of our collaboration programs are intended to create long term, strong relationships between pet welfare organizations and pet brands.  Think about it as a new age sponsorship-partnership-friendship hybrid, but still better.  These brands only want to collaborate with pet welfare organizations when the relationship can reach it’s fullest potential and this means a commitment from the pet welfare organization to collaborate in this way.

HOWEVER – We realize that sometimes organizations want to utilize some marketing strategies and not others.  If you want to participate in only one part of a Collaboration, you’ll need to meet with your Marketing Strategist to discuss opportunities that meet your needs and the pet brands willing to have a more “casual” relationship with your organization.


We know your time is valuable and limited so we’ve made it super simple:

  1. Sign your organization up as a Collaborator (takes 2 seconds!)
  2. View Active Brand Collaborations and complete the Collab Agreement if you’d like to opt-in (easy online form)
  3. Access your personal dashboard which includes your Content Library and Brand Collabs
  4. Use the Calendar Link to schedule a Zoom Call with your Marketing Strategist (or don’t remember, it’s up to you)
  5. Implement Collaborative Marketing!

Nope! The entire mission is to bring more resources to Pet Welfare Organizations!

In addition to negotiating Giving Programs that directly support each Pet Welfare Organization, Sploot includes a collaborator fee for Pet Brands to cover the cost of professional Marketing Services which are available to Pet Welfare Organizations. 

Our goal is to have every organization generate at least $1,000 per month in passive funding.  However, this is entirely dependent upon your team’s use of our Enhanced Marketing Services.  

Sploot provides you with a marketing team to implement digital marketing strategies.  However, these strategies are only as effective as your team’s willingness to implement the strategies as part of your operations.

We offer one-on-one coaching and guidance to help your leaders discuss the collaborative programs with your team.  It’s important to realize the in person communication (marketing) with your local adopters and supporters is outside the scope of our control and the number one reason marketing programs don’t work is because they are not implemented in connective conversation.

If your team makes an active effort to meet with your Pet Welfare Strategist, together you’ll create a funding goal and implement SIMPLE, best practices to capitalize on the financial gifting opportunities where there is an unlimited potential for your organization to generate a significant source or funding with very, very little effort.