Creating Solutions Found Only In Alliance Among Pet Welfare People

Alone with Can Only Do So Much


Deepak Chopra said “All great change was preceded by chaos.”  Our world is currently in a great state of chaos – it is challenging each of us to question or morals, our beliefs, our inner strength, the way we are living our lives every day.  Now is not the time to hold on to “we’ve always done it this way” because frankly, the old way of anything simply no longer exists.  Those who are open to change and willing to take a leap of faith in new opportunities will thrive in ways they never imagined possible… those refusing change or dictating change without offering any real solution to help make such changes possible are going to be the destruction of pet welfare.  Right now, it might seem like a hopeless battle in the current pet welfare crisis conditions but there are endless opportunities to create new solutions that will work, that will bring awareness to issues preventing forward movement and that will unite pet welfare people by destroying barriers that where unknowingly dividing them in the first place. 

Pet Welfare People Can Leverage Their Alliance


The ability to network across multiple platform channels allows for compounding supporter growth potential.  Creating consistent messaging promoting the advocation of pet welfare shared through united-effort posting has incredible potential to normalize pet care prioritizes that need global attention and re-engage the pet parenting community that is currently disconnected from pet welfare missions due to over-saturation of crisis messaging.

Pet parents currently see the same messages on multiple platforms – but it’s lost in the ocean of messages coming across their feeds by the thousands each day.  “Adopt, don’t shop” has lost its impact due to overuse but world wild adoption day promotions yield significant results.  Imagine having the ability to post a pre-determined unite message that hits millions of people at the same time, THAT is how you create an awareness impact!

Pet Welfare People Can Leverage Their Influence


The top 5 pet care brands spent a collective $400 MILLION in advertising alone in 2020.  Not only do Pet Welfare Organizations have the ability to place pet care brands in front of pet parents using social media – they are the ONLY advertising platform that engages with pet parents one on one AND at the time a pet parent adopts a new pet!  This is a GOLDEN opportunity for pet care brands that has huge financial income potential for pet welfare organizations if utilized properly.  Imagine having even 10% of the $400 M (=$40 MILLION) advertising fees funneled into the pet welfare space instead of other for-profit advertising agencies!

Benefits of Joining the Sploot Pet Welfare Alliance

Pet Welfare’s current state of crisis is calling for innovative solutions to provide financial and human resources to stay afloat and to allow for the development of new programs to ensure we continue to progress as an advocacy industry.  Being part of our alliance means opening opportunities for:

  • Greater messaging impact with less human resource effort required
  • Increase funding opportunities utilizing shared-effort, mission focused broadcasting
  • Increase ability to make empowering change by demanding solutions from heavily funded organizations and companies
  • Increase collaborative opportunities between pet care brands and pet welfare organizations to promote and advocate in unison for critical needs and betterment project development

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