Supporting Your Community of Pet parents

A pet parent support program that uses automated systems which “feel” personal to provide resources aimed at keeping pets in homes, reducing rates of return and nurturing long term relationships with your local and digital community.


Pet parent Sign Ups

You’ll receive a printable flyer with your unique scan code which directs local pet parents to the sign up form for your organization.  This can be kept in your facility and brought to events.

Inside your dashboard are Canva Templates with pre-written content for you to post on Facebook, Instagram and Stories to encourage subscribing.

*Sploot will create and schedule content if you provide access to social media accounts.


Either by clicking a link in social posts or scanning the QR code flyers, your audience will be directed to your Pet Parent Community Resource Page which includes:

  • Branded Welcome: Custom message with subscriber sign up and your unique links (recruiting, main website, etc)
  • Monthly Content: Dropdown with seasonal recommendations, pet awareness and celebrations
  • Supporter Treats: Exclusive offers and giveaways from the pet brand collaborations you’ve opted into.  Your organization will receive donations for each person who triggers the giving program for any pet brand you have opted into
  • Spotlight Pets: Highlight of up to 5 long term stay pets with links to profile/bio
  • Professional Training Guides: Tips written by professional, positive reinforcement trainers for common “new pet” behaviors

Automated Email Series

After signing up, pet parents will receive emails pre-set to be delivered right into their inbox each month.  This email series includes:

  • Immediately Sent: Welcome confirmation of sign up and info they can find on the pet parent community page
  • 1st of Each Month: Tips and tid-bits aligning with the monthly pet holidays and awareness campaigns with link to Pet Parent Page and a bullet list of new offers and training guides added


*If you would like to add monthly content to your community page/email, we will provide a system for you to enter information with deadlines.

*** Sploot manages your subscriber lists but will never sell them. Selling adopter lists is counterproductive to our mission of enabling pet welfare organizations to leverage their pet-parent marketing platform to generate long term funding.  NEVER sell (or let anyone else sell) your email lists to pet brands.  You will receive a report each month providing insights about your subscriber rates and a complete list of subscribers you can upload into your system as you see fit.