Empowering Pet Welfare Organizations to Step Into their Value

Let's Talk Influencer Marketing...

Let's Talk Influencer Marketing...

We're Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Pet Welfare Fundraising


95% of Pet Welfare Organizations are significantly underfunded, under-resourced and under-represented.  But we’re no longer allowing these deserving organizations to continue approaching the pet welfare mission under the assumption their worth and ability to make significant change is limited to outdated, emotionally damaging “beg for your money – beg to be heard – beg to make a difference” archetypes that are no longer acceptable standards in today’s digital world.  Sploot is empowering Pet Welfare Organizations by helping those within to generate income for their organizations, driving revenue by tapping into their digital marketing potential instead of praying funding comes through at the end of the year.


Pet Welfare Micro-Influencing is the Future of Pet Parent Marketing


The top 5 pet care brands spent a collective $400 MILLION in advertising alone in 2020.   Imagine having even 10% of the $400 Million (= $40 Million!) advertising fees funneled into the pet welfare space!!! WELL – Pet Welfare Organizations have the ability to place pet care brands in front of pet parents using social media but they are uniquely positioned as the ONLY advertising platform that engages with pet parents one on one AND at the time a pet parent adopts a new pet!  Pet Welfare Organizations (PWO) are an already existing influencing powerhouse within the pet parenting community about to realize the value of utilizing digital marketing to create financial opportunities for themselves!

Sploot’s continues to grow our alliance of pet welfare organizations positioning themselves as multi-platform pet parent influencers using integrated content paid for by pet brands that weave brands’ products and services into advocacy messaging, storylines and narratives in a subtle yet highly aligned way.  This strategic marketing collaboration promotes pet welfare and pet care using marketing content intended to provide pet parents with decision making resources, creating a full circle of mutual support of every pet-focused key player involved.

How Does It Work?


Be a part of the discussions brainstorming crisis-solving solutions focusing on bringing recognition, awareness, funding and passive financial income opportunities to struggling pet welfare organizations by strategically positioning ourselves within pet care.


Attend our Micro-Influencer Discussions, watch previous discussion recordings or set up a quick call to better understand the strategy and potential benefits to your organization.  We don’t expect each organization to become a professional influencer on their own, it’s a huge task that requires time and resources to properly focus on.  It is important that organizations understand and trust our intentions to be in their benefit so we can support them by creating opportunities and offering full scale service solutions to implement as a Sploot Member.


You’ll have the flexibility to opt-into different services and support offerings as a full scale Sploot Member.  It’s important for organizations that want to leverage the micro-influencing marketing funding potential to be a Sploot Member as Sploot holds the relationships with pet care brands.  The intentional purpose of this ensures Sploot bears the full burden of negotiating, collaborating and implementing agree upon digital marketing strategies with aligned pet care brands and the only effort on pet welfare organizations are responsible for is choosing which services and solutions they want to utilize and which funding opportunities they want to benefit from.


As a Sploot Member, you’ll have a full strategic plan that targets your top 3 goals (usually increased online funding, consistent recruiting and hard to adopt/long term stay pet focus).  While we can work alongside to strategize with your team regarding your organization’s specific goals, we require authorized access to social media platforms to implement micro-influencer strategic marketing which allows us to ensure completion as agreed between pet care brands and your organization.  It also provides us the opportunity gather and analyze performance data necessary to determine the advertising value of each platform.

Benefits of Becoming a Pet Parent Influencing Platform

Pet Welfare’s current state of crisis is calling for innovative solutions to provide financial and human resources to stay afloat and to allow for the development of new programs to ensure we continue to progress as an advocacy industry.  Being an influencer means opening opportunities for:

  • Greater financial sustainability with less human resource effort required
  • Sound decision making with reassurance of consistent and reliable funding
  • Increase in viable and aligned pet care products and services for pet parents means decrease in returns and surrenders
  • Collaborative efforts between pet care businesses and pet welfare organizations to promote and advocate in unison for the betterment of pet care resources

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