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The heart of these partnership programs lies in forging long-term relationships. By uniting pet welfare organizations and pet care brands under a shared goal, we pave the way for sustainable change within the pet welfare sector.

Meaningful & Valuable

Our partnerships offer more than immediate benefits – they build a foundation for future growth, development, and continued impact.  We believe in building deeper, more meaningful relationships that bring immense value to all parties involved. In addition to pet care brands promoting pets on social media, they provide crucial in-kind donations that specifically cater to the needs of pet welfare organizations. 

Our partnerships are formed on the mutual belief that shelter pets deserve the same high value products you’d provide to a personal pet, providing products that offer a higher quality and more enjoyable shelter experience, especially for long stay pets including (but not limited to):

  • Enrichment and training treats, toys and tools
  • Preventative care products (flea+tick, etc)
  • Digestive care supplements and food products

Benefits to Adopters

Benefits extend beyond the welfare organizations. Adopters receive a starter kit or sample product that their new pet had been enjoying in the facility, coupled with a discount code for further purchases. This way, we introduce pet lovers to brands that genuinely care for pet welfare, strengthening the community ties and ensuring continued support for pet welfare.

To ensure we aren’t creating more work on limited staff to satisfy the requirements of these partnerships, we provide all products, flyers and/or content for social media to make fulfilling any partnership obligation effortless, simple and meaningful for everyone.  

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Partner Programs

Since partnerships are meant to facilitate powerful change and build lasting relationships with supportive pet care brands, we invite pet welfare orgs that have participated in social media collaborations and expressed a desire to work with pet brands they enjoy and would genuinely recommend to adopters and supporters.


Our commitment to empowering organizations through vetted partnerships, ongoing feedback, and streamlined collaborations sets us apart… and we understand you may have questions.  We’re providing answers to some commonly asked questions and we’re also happy to chat if you have more!

What exactly is a Partnership Program?

A Partnership Program is a strategic alliance between a pet brand and a pet welfare organization. In these programs, pet brands provide monthly in-kind donations of high-value products to the organizations. The program is designed to reduce the organization's expenditure, enhance the quality of care for the animals, and build a sustainable relationship that brings positive change in the pet welfare space.

What types of products are typically provided from pet brands?

The types of products provided by pet brands vary but are always high-quality and specifically address the needs of the pet welfare organizations. These products can range from long-lasting treats for power chewers to essential items such as martingale collars, no pull harnesses, and slip leads, preventative care like digestion supplements or flea+tick preventatives, etc.

What are the requirements for partnership programs?

Partnerships may vary slightly depending on the pet brand - but in general the following is required by pet welfare organizations for a minimum of 6 months:

  • Provide content (photos/videos) of pets in your care enjoying their brand products and tag the brand in weekly social media posts or stories
  • Provide product sample/flyer to adopters
  • Provide adopter details for a post-follow up email (you can add pre-written content to your emails or we will create+send for you, details aren't provided directly to brands)

What benefits do pet welfare orgs receive?

Pet welfare organizations benefit in multiple ways from these Partnership Programs with each program being unique but in general you can expect:

  • Monthly donations of quality products from pet brands, reducing their costs and providing a higher level of care for all the pets in your care.
  • Long Stay Pets will be promoted on pet brand social media platforms as "brand models".
  • Additionally, each pet adopted goes home with a starter kit or sample product that they were enjoying at the facility, which eases the transition period for the pet and their new family.

How are Partnerships different from Social Media Collabs?

While both programs promote partnerships between pet welfare organizations and pet brands, the Partnership Programs go a step further by providing in-kind donations and facilitating deeper, long-term relationships. The Social Media Collaborations focus on promoting the organizations and their long stay pets via social media platforms, while the Partnership Programs also provide physical support in terms of high-quality products for all pets in care.

What is the average cost savings for our org?

On average, organizations can expect to see a reduction in expenditure costs of between $750-$1500 per month, per brand through participation in these programs.

How do we sign up?

We typically start all organizations with the pet brand collaboration so they are familiar with products and are comfortable aligning with the pet brand before entering a partnership.  Once a partnership opens, we invite participating orgs to join!

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