Marketing Planner

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Week #1
November 1st - 6th

Virtual Events

Pet Promotions

Team Camaraderie

Community Engagement

Week #1
October 1st - 9th

Week #2
October 10th - 16th

Week #3
October 17th - 24th

Week #4
October 25th - 31st

Virtual Fundraisers
& Events Schedule

Online strategies to include supporters in needs-sharing and interactive educational events.

Awareness Posts & Content

Strategies to bring awareness and celebrate festive days all the while adding education, helpful resources and fun facts.

Team Building
Posts & Content

Strategies to cultivate a welcoming, nurturing and appreciative environment that presents a new age perspective of animal welfare involvement.

Team Development with Dogly Advocates

Live, real-talk discussion and educational resources to help develop training skills plus have an overall better understanding of dog behavior and wellness needs in a community of rescue dog people.

Themed Pet Promotions

Strategies to shine the spotlight on pets in your care seeking safety and adoption using eye catching design templates.


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