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Discover a wealth of resources, support, and collaborative opportunities to help you overcome the challenges of shelter overcapacity. Let's work together to find loving homes for every pet.
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Bite-Sized Resources with Maximum Impact

Unlock our extensive library of easy-to-use, bite-sized marketing resources specifically tailored for pet shelters and rescue organizations. With minimal effort, our tools are all you need to effectively promote the amazing pets in your care.
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We BOOST your adoption efforts

We partner with pet care brands to support long-stay and hard-to-place pets by providing monthly goodie boxes.  You capture and we boost content posts featuring your pets enjoying these treats and toys intended engage pet parents and potential adopters!

We believe in a higher standard of marketing

We are committed to bettering pet welfare and believe it is critical to provide higher standards of marketing support. 

Our team is dedicated to helping pet welfare organizations implement effective, creative marketing strategies that will ensure better outcomes for the pets in their care.

We're willing (and eager) to do our part by providing ready to use tools and hands-on support to help pet welfare teams reach their goals in a realistic and feasible way!

We create opportunities using collaborations

Pets' lives depend on effective campaigns that connect with and inspire the pet loving community to take action.  We are determined to provide pet welfare organizations with the best possible resources and we utilize strategic alliances with pet care brands to make marketing efforts as successful as possible.

 Building relationships between pet welfare and pet care, we facilitate a high impact, mutually beneficial alliance focused on bettering the health and wellbeing of pets in need and in homes.

We provide free services to pet welfare orgs

All of our programs come with content kits... but unlike any other marketing tool, we also provide the human resources to implement these programs for your already over-extended team.

what we provide

The Spotlight Treatment


Pets will receive a $50 Cash Voucher to encourage a foster/transfer commitment

Gift Box
to Open

Pets will receive a box of goodies from their pet brand advocate to enjoy


Your supporters can select a FREE pet product as a thank you for caring for this pet


Printables plus share-boosting social media templates with captions


Because your team deserves it.

Show appreciation to your team by offering free goodies from our pet welfare supporting brand collaborators as a thank you for their dedication to your pets and mission!

Long Stay Pets in Our Incentive Program

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Community Building Best Practices

By using best practices, you’ll engage your supporters in the most fun and creative way!  Together we can make a real impact building a larger community of pet lovers who are ready and willing to help make a difference in the lives of pets in need.

Social Media Sabotage

In this three part discussion, we’ll address common pitfalls when writing pet promotions and share tips to ensure your passion for pets isn't contributing to longer stays, discrediting your reputation or hindering engagement.

3 Quick Reads

12 Social Media Quick Wins

12 "Quick Win" tips on how to use Facebook, Instagram and Canva features to enhance and streamline supporter access to more information about pets and how to be involved in your organization.

45 Min Webinar

Rebranding Asks to Foster Sharing

We'll take a look at giving a fresh face alternative, rebranded approach to foster recruiting, onboarding and retaining by using "pet sharing" language as the strategy when creating foster calls for action.

10 Min Webinar

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Sploot is a pet welfare marketing agency that provides critical services by creating innovative, effortless, strategic alliances.