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“We’re so excited to be supporting your organization, team and of course… pets!”

Natural Rapport Team

$50 Incentive for Your Pet

$600 in Incentives provided to 12 Long Stay Pets Each Month

$50 Incentive for Your Pet

$600 in Incentives provided to 12 Long Stay Pets Each Month

Free Gift for All Teams & Supporters

A special appreciation gift for supporters

Free Goodie for All Supporters

A special appreciation gift for supporters

Additional 20% Off All Products for Teams

A bonus, extra thank you for teams

20% Off All Products for Teams

A bonus, long term perk for teams

Spotlight Pet Printable Packet


We make it really, really simple.

Pet Gift Boxes

Your pet will receive a personalized gift box meant to be used as an influencer-style "unboxing" experience.  Consider this an enrichment activity where the pet can sniff, dig into and investigate pet care items plus have a special, positive and uplifting moment with their high value treats and other goodies (which they know is "just for them!"). 


This experience makes it very easy to capture photos and videos for your social media followers to see this pet in a happy new light that has proven to increase engagement by almost 300%.

Post Requirement

Post requirements are detailed in your printable packet. 

Multiple Caption Options are available in the Social Media Templates section on this page.

In general, photos/video of your pet on Facebook & Instagram using the required captions.  We require you to:

  • Tag Natural Rapport
  • Include Photos/Videos of pet with gift box
  • Include the Freebie Link
  • Use #spotlightpet #ad  in the bottom of the post

Media Sharing

We provide 3 ways for you to share content with us:

UPLOAD LINK - Click the below link to drop photos into the shared Google Album


EMAIL CONTENT - Click below to email the photos/video to us


TEXT CONTENT - Text photos/video to us at the number below



POST CONTENT - Post all photos/videos on social media for us to grab.  MAKE SURE TO:

  • Tag Natural Rapport
  • Include Freebie Link
  • Use #spotlightpet #ad  in the bottom of the post

Redeeming the $50 Foster Incentive

A voucher has been provided in the printable packet containing instructions on redeeming the one time, $50 cash incentive which should be used to motivate a foster commitment.  The foster is responsible for redeeming the one time, $50 cash incentive.
*Funds can only be redeemed via Paypal or Venmo and are transferred the first Monday after completing the form.

Redeeming the $50 Posting Incentive

A one time, $50 transfer will be completed to the digital wallet as instructed upon satisfaction of the required social media post.
*Funds can be transferred via Paypal, Venmo or any other digital donation link and are completed on the first Monday after posting.

Team Freebie

Natural Rapport is providing all your organization's supporters with a FREE product from a selection of items and then an additional 20% off any future product purchases.  While it is not required for you to share this with your team, we strongly encourage you to use this opportunity as an internal team appreciation and camaraderie moment.

PRINTABLE FLYER - a flyer has been included in the printable packet with QR code and link information to hang in your facility (for teammates) or at your front desk (for adopters).

SHARABLE GRAPHIC & LINK - Use the below link to add into social media posts and for your team to grab a free goodie!

Canva Template

Social Templates

Below you will find additional social media captions and templates for you to use as you see fit.  Historically, "Gift-Away" posts do incredibly well and are boost shares and engagement. 

We recommend at a minimum, taking advantage of this post/engagement opportunity to make this a connection moment between your Spotlight Pet (or other harder to place pets) and the high reach post.  

Foster Incentive Captions & Templates

Post Incentive Captions & Templates

Stories Canva Templates

Pet Flyer Template

Below you will find a customizable template with instructions on how to create a QR scan, quick info Spotlight Flyer we recommend to put in your reception/adopter area in the facility and to bring the smaller version to events for handing out.

Flyer Canva Templates


Because your team deserves it.

Show your appreciation by offering a free goodie from one of our collaborative pet care brands to your team each month as a thank you!

Our purpose is to support your PETS.

We provide free services to pet welfare orgs

All of our programs come with content kits... but unlike any other marketing tool, we also provide the human resources to implement these programs for your already over-extended team.

We prioritize inclusion over grant-worthiness

We firmly adhere to creating an inclusive pet welfare community where ALL pet sheltering/rescue organizations in good standing are valued, welcome and have opportunities to participate in our programs regardless of time since inception, size, structure, grant-worthy potential, budgetary hardship or staff shortages.

We keep collaboration requirements simple

The only requirement for this program is that your team take photos/videos of this pet "unboxing" their gift and using, snacking on or wearing the products, post it on social media and tag your Brand Advocate in the post.  

We enjoy "gifting" back to dedicated teams

Pet welfare organizations are nothing without the very supportive teams constantly giving more of themselves to the pets in need than they (technically) have to.  We love including teams appreciation into every program and brand collaboration, providing free goodies and special offers as a token of appreciation for all they do.

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