november 3, 2021


Most animals in a shelter that are passed by are those who have a higher stress level than the others and are maladjusting to their environment.  Did you know that almost all animals will DECOMPRESS in a home with structure, security and calmness in under two weeks?  This means that a dog seen in a kennel that is bouncing, barking, hiding or maybe even snarling a bit can potentially be a loving, affectionate, polite and well behaved pet within a week or two if given a chance to show you it’s best self!

While [ORGANIZATION] provides (LIST OUT WAYS YOU PROVIDE MENTAL ENRICHMENT FOR YOUR RESIDENT ANIMALS), the best place for a dog or cat is in a home it knows, with people that love it and a consistent environment to feel safe and secure in.  Some animals need a home before they can show their truest selves, so make sure you are considering those animals also!

If you or friends are considering opening your home, LOOK HARD At the bouncy ones, the quiet or skittish ones, the ones that seem they might be “hard to love.”  These animals are STRESSED.  How long would it be if you were in a confined space in an overstimulated environment with little choices before you started acting out of sorts?  Showing signs of anxiety? Or depression? Or fear?

Talk to the volunteers when you are going through the facility or choosing animals in foster.  Ask who is the volunteer favorite, who has been there the longest, who has the most potential… Ask for recommendations to transition your new pet from the shelter environment into your home, slowly changing their routine while building confidence.  


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