Marketing Calendar

A consistent posting schedule helps engage/educate public supporters, increase donor, foster & volunteer reach and encourages your potential adopters to visit your website – bringing adoptable pets directly into their heart and home!

Click, Clickety-Click & Done!

Once you’re fully set up with Canva integrations (we can help with this!), just click which post you want to use, customize our templates using drag-and-drop photos and fine tune pre-written content then schedule to post on the content planner!  Boom – Done!

Don't Agonize, Strategize!

Make sure this month’s content is customized and scheduled properly using our weekly to do lists!  Start at the top and check off each item as you and your team complete it.  Easy as that!

Connect with Your Community

It’s important to find ways to bring people together.  Our Connection Collection is filled with this month’s special recognition/holidays, inclusive and educational awareness, helpful resources and lots of fun tips and tid-bits.

Ask, Every day

Everyone is focused on their own priorities – even still, most people are willing to help if ASKED.  Our Everyday Ask Collection offers specific, but non-invasive “ask opportunities” to grow your community/team through adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating, collaborating and/or social sharing in an effort to build camaraderie.

Promote Your pets

Your pets are always the main feature – so let’s give them the spotlight treatment!  Our Adoptables Collection is filled with graphic templates designed specifically for this month’s theme and also includes our Seasonal Sploot! theme pack.  

Celebrate With Your Supporters

“Thank You” still goes a long way with people!  Our Celebration Collection is filled with a great blend of proper etiquette to recognize and validate the simplest and most grandeur actions taken to support your organization!