It's Time Your Organization Got the Support it Deserves (and Needs!)

Sploot is determined to provide pet welfare organizations the same marketing and development opportunities those in the pet care industry use to grow (exponentially) year after year.  As an alliance, pet welfare organizations have the potential to become the most trusted, empowering and influential platform for animal lovers and pet parents in consideration of their dedication to making the world a better place for pets and pet parents… our goal is to provide them with the support services needed to share that message nationally.


Full Scale Support Service Options ($35 Monthly)


Each organization has varying set goals and needs.  As a Splooter, you’ll have full access to pick and choose the support you need, when you need it!  After sign up,  you’ll be directed to a quick questionnaire about your organization and then asked to schedule an initial discovery call to review your form and target specific goals for us to explore in depth and offer services to help achieve them.  Mostly commonly, we assist with or fully provide:


Regardless if you are using our support services to guide you through strategic planning you implement yourself, work strategically with your staff/volunteers or fully manage agreed upon digital marketing for your organization, our goal is always to assist in increasing your overall efficiency and driving engagement prompted by captivating and compelling digital marketing.  As a general rule for organizations with little to no digital marketing strategies, our goal is to have your platforms consistently generating:

*To prove our intention is genuine, for any month in which online donations are less than $35 from our fundraising efforts on your behalf, we will refund your membership fee!

Splooter Alliance

United Effort Opportunities ($0)


You’ll receive updates to be included in discussions for all “Opt In” opportunities to join united effort marketing campaigns and collaborative opportunities.  In addition, from time to time we offer free, limited access marketing or fundraising template kits which will also be accessible to you.

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