Flyers & Handouts.

Hand out in adopter kits, keep in your facility and take to events to encourage your community to sign up and utilize special offers that generate financial donations!  Want us to customize, print and mail to you?  LET US KNOW!



Brand Promotions.

This month’s fund-generating content is in theme!  Post weekly on Facebook, Instagram and Stories!  View the FULL CONTENT to access design templates in Canva, which includes Copy+Paste ready captions that just need a little customization to make them unique to your organization! 



October Awareness.

This month’s spook-tacular engagement content is sure to give thrills and chills to your pet-loving audience!  View the FULL CONTENT to access design templates in Canva, which includes Copy+Paste ready captions! 

October 1-7

Beginning today and for an entire week, we celebrate “National Walk Your Dog Week” to raise awareness for unwanted canine behaviors and preventable health conditions that results from a lack of daily exercise and enrichment…

October 12

For years APOP has been conducting surveys to determine the state of health our pets are in, and unfortunately, it has determined that our pet obesity problem is only getting worse…

October 16-22

Veterinary Technician Week was established to raise awareness of those men and women who work alongside the veterinarians every day …

October 27

National Black Cat Day brings awareness to the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate cat ownership and bring special appreciation to the magic of black cats…

October 29

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about bully breed dogs, commonly referred to as “pit bulls”…

October 31

Wishing you all a Happy, Fun & Safe MEOW/HOWL – loween filled with loud laughs and buckets filled with your favorite candies! Remember to keep pets secure in homes if unattended and if trick-or-treating, make sure they have proper identification tags on!



Pet Promotions.

Show off your AdoptaBOO pets with these fun, Spooky-Vibes & Ghostly Puns that will keep your audiences in a trance!

Dreadful Puns Posts

Spooky Vibes Stories

Ghostly Group Photos

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