Marketing Content & Campaigns

We specialize in shaping Pet Welfare Organization Platforms into trustworthy, digital communities for pet lovers to engage using high-end, current trend marketing resources to significantly increase supporter growth and provide zero-stress solutions.  

We focus on features and tools underutilized by most pet welfare organizations such as stories, reels, graphics designs, quick link placement and email campaigns to maximize engagement and reach.  

Maximizing Engagement!

Stories, Stories, Stories!

Stories were created to outperform “Snapchat” – a platform that showed cute content in under 10 seconds, that disappeared after 24 hours.  This feature is designed to hold A LOT of quick-bite pieces of content that constantly keeps your pets in front of pet loving followers (without them getting annoyed).

As part of your partnership, we’ll make sure you have content on your Stories 24-7 promoting your most critical needs: donations, wishlists, long term stay pets, foster recruiting… and a low key name drop from recommending brands! 

Maximizing Reach!

Posts + Reels!

To make sure we are capitalizing on user preferences, we make sure to sprinkle content on feeds (most common audience reach for Pet Welfare Orgs) as well as Reels (reaching a new, younger audience).

Maximizing Relationships!

Converting Adopters into Supporters!

Adopter relationships will shift from being transactional to transformational!  Using a post-adoption email series, we nurture your adopters as they go through the process of transitioning their shelter pet into a fully decompressed, loving member of their family.  Instead of meeting a community member just once – we’ll help turn your adopters into long term supporters (and hopefully volunteers/fosters!).


Brand Collaborations

We require that participating organizations are a registered charity. 

In addition, each organization should meet one of the following for this type of marketing to be beneficial:

  • 35 adoptions per month
  • 1,000 followers on at least one of your social platforms (Facebook or Instagram)

Pet Care Brands consist of wellness products (supplements), healthy treats and snacks, preventative care (flea and tick), pet insurances and other pet-focused products and services.  We carefully consider if brands align with supporting the integrity and mission of pet welfare before agreeing to partner with them.

Nope!  We do all that for you!  If you have questions or concerns, you’ll reach out to us and we will serve as a liaison.

Each brand has their own offer which you can determine if you’d like to opt into.  To determine how much passive funding you can generate you have to consider the following factors:

  • How many adoptions you complete each month
  • Your approach to engaging with adopters and reviewing product promotions
  • Engagement rate of your social media following (active listening and participating by your audience)


A major perk of this program is the professional marketing services your organization receives to include:

  • Posting long term stay pets
  • Requesting donations/wishlist items
  • Nurturing adopters post adoption and
  • Keeping supporters engaged 

It is at the discretion of each brand whether or not they provide free products and if so, the quantity.  We encourage brands to provide products so that customized content can be created, which is in the best interest of both the brand and the PWI.


Marketing Services

We will need to be added to your Facebook and Instagram public pages as an administrator so that we can post on both platforms.

In addition, we will need to be added as a user in your shelter software or email marketing provider so that we can create automated email campaigns.

If you have your own marketing team or do not want to provide us with direct access, we can provide content for you to post on social media on your own (or not at all) BUT, we will still require adopter names and email address be provided to us daily to ensure the email series is sent out and to provide metrics to brands.

*We do not provide adopter information to brands, but we do need to provide number of emails sent, posts made, flyers handed out*

Each organization can select up to 5 pets for us to promote on social media each month.   If available, we will pull information/content from Petfinder, otherwise you will be asked to provide a few photos/videos and basic information about each pet.

Each week, we will post a minimum of:

  • 5 stories cross-shared on Facebook/Instagram 
  • 3 posts on Facebook
  • 3 posts on Instagram
  • 1 Reel on Instagram


Included in these posts will be a variation of:

  • Donation Button if available
  • Wishlist Link if available
  • Product Referral code
  • Quick Links to Pet Bios

Adopters will receive an email series intended to serve as a follow up, requirements reminder and best practices for transitioning pets into new homes.

You will need to provide any post-adoption requirements (register pets, who to call with concerns, etc).  We will put together emails that will be sent out 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days post adoption.

These emails will also include very non-invasive product recommendations with your influencer code.


By granting access to your shelter software, we will create a subscriber list for your organization and begin sending out a monthly e-mail that will include:

  • Organization updates (adoptions, happy tails)
  • Fun and Educational tips and tricks
  • Non-invasive pet brand recommendations with referral code

Brands are asked to commit to a 3 month partnership offer and so we require Pet Welfare Influencers to retain the same commitment.