TARGET DATE: May 2022 – Creating a Solution for Crisis Conditions…


The difference between Pet Welfare’s Crisis State and Pet Care’s State of Lucrative Expansion is… MONEY and MARKETING!  That’s about to change as Pet Welfare is given access to full scale marketing resources which create solutions by settling into today’s creator economy instead of wishfully thinking it will resolve on its own, the same-old way.  It’s like a new model of sponsorships with significantly more perks that target solutions and generate passive income opportunities.

How Does It Benefit Pet Welfare?


Marketing Management will be at the forefront of reaching more pet lovers to drive awareness to the long term and current emergency needs of Pet Welfare

Foster Incentives will be a part of an offer intended to encourage pet lovers to share their homes with pets to move them out of shelters

Adopter Incentives will be offered for Long Term Stay Pets to encourage pet lovers to consider these pets over the typical, high demand pets

Transport Incentives will be part of a “sponsorship” solicitation to provide incentives for those contributing to the physical or financial expenses of transportation to enable higher more accessible means of pet relocation

Long Term Stay Spotlight will be placed on pets in shelters over 3 months using advertisements on Pet Brand Platforms

Pet Welfare Involvement Campaigns will use strategic promotion on Pet Brand Platforms and in deliverables to encourage pet parents to become in local pet welfare organizations

Where Do Pet Care Brands Fit In?


Pet Care Brands are extremely competitive and always looking for innovative, high engagement opportunities with pet-parents and make large investments in marketing resources which help them drive this engagement.  Since Pet Welfare Organizations’ entire audience is pet lovers and parents AND they have direct contact with them, they are the ultimate engagement resource.  

Advertising on your platforms to your audiences by weaving their content into your content strategy with promotion of their products and services

Influencing your pet loving audiences through your digital mediums by offering incentives for teams, fosters and adopters in the hope those incentive convert to consistent customers for them.

Affiliation with your do-good efforts by promoting their support of your organization through collaborations.

What Type Of Marketing is Involved?


Pet Welfare Organizations will be fully supported by our Marketing Team to maximize social engagement, optimize digital platforms and spotlight pets by incentivizing fosters and adopters to move them out of shelters into homes.  Your new marketing will consist of:

Brand Management – clearly establish your mission, your active pursuits to align with your mission and your audience’s perception of your organization.

Social Media Management – building consistent content campaigns to broaden your reach to pet lovers and pet parents.

Content Creator – strategic creation and distribution of written and vision content for distribution to your supporters and potential supporters.

Email Management – building relationships using email engagement to create long term, actively participating supporters.

Affiliate Management – strategic promotion of products and services that generic passive income as an increase in sales from said promotion.

Influencer Management – organic and raw recommendation/review of products and services that generates passive income for the same.


Absolutely not!  We serve as a facilitator for Pet Welfare Organizations using our relationships with Pet Brands to provide opportunities for them to collaborate in ways that offer mutually benefitting gain.  We do not provide details about specific pet welfare organizations while negotiating with Brands.

Absolutely not!  Our intention is to provide Pet Welfare Organizations with Pet Brand Promotional Offers and each organization can choose to participate in one or all offers as they see fit and which align with their organization’s needs.

Our team will work with your team to outline exactly what content we will need, how that content is used and the simplified process for sharing that content with us.

Our Marketing Team will work with your team to allow for all objectives and strategies to be cohesively distributed on all digital mediums.

It will depend on the opportunities you are agreeing to.  Marketing is not a short term tactic, our objective is to bring long term, viable resources to Pet Welfare.  At a minimum, a commitment for certain products will be 1 month – this pilot program is specifically targeting a 6 month long collaboration with Pet Brands to enable solutions to provide significant change in Pet Welfare.

No.  This pilot program specifically will not be a cost commitment to Pet Welfare Organizations.  With that being said, it will require commitment to the Marketing Strategies required to allow for Pet Brand Collaborations to yield results for both Pet Welfare Organizations’ and Pet Brands’ objectives.

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