Leadership Quiz: Is it Passion or Position?

As leaders in pet welfare we normally create policies, procedures and organizational approaches from a protective position...

Too often leaders justify current rules, policies, resistance to change as having an incredible passion for ensuring the well being of the pets in our care.  While passion often drives us to be stronger, more daring, more capable it also has a tendency to deeply root you into righteous indignation that what you are doing is best and shouldn’t be questioned or changed.  

It’s so important as a leader to consider if your passion for pet welfare is focused on influencing others to be more considerate of actions they can take to align with the mission or if your leadership role gives you the authority to prioritize your influence over others to do what you want, the way you want without consideration for the well being of your team, your pets and/or your organization’s mission as a whole.

POSITION focused Leadership

  • You make rules or refuse change for no other reason than you have the authority to do so
  • You have no data, facts or proof you attempted to educate yourself about the CURRENT pet welfare culture, shifts and progressive movement
  • When you read something you don’t agree with, you just get angry instead of asking yourself WHY you are angry

PASSION focused Leadership

  • You are happy to inundate yourself with resources that offer opportunities to provide progressive trends, best practices and alternative solutions 
  • You consult your entire team, on all authority levels within your organization to gain insight about their feelings and thoughts on topic matters
  • You can listen to a statement you disagree with and respond in a calm, confident manner in an effort to explore the disagreement to see if there is a mutually agreeable solution

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