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All members have access to weekly content, you can change or cancel your monthly plan at any time right from your dashboard.

Check Out Weekly Content…


MONDAYs we publish Marketing Motivation!  New tips, tid-bits, tactics and tutorials for the How Tos… (and NOT Tos) of Pet Welfare Marketing!

THURSDAYs we release each week’s templates – we do this to make sure you’re just adding “bite-sized” to-dos to your already full plate.

Review Your Social Media Audit…


Constructive Feedback to identify opportunities for growth, efficiency, and engagement+actions improvement

Detailed Outline to better understand missed opportunities and limiting potential cause by current tactics

Quick Win Guidance from a pet loving marketing professional for best practices of social media usage

For Digital Marketing Splooters…


1 on 1 Strategy Session with our Pet Welfare Marketing Strategist to discuss your audit and recommended next steps

…Set of branded templates with your recommended Content Planner for Instagram & Social Media

…Team Tutorial for QR Codes & Quick Links to enable SUPER SIMPLE Media Sharing for your team and local adopters

…Monthly Group Coaching on different “Best Practice” topics with discussion opportunities

…Monthly Online Fundraiser kits with ideas, content layouts and graphics to use


The first week is free and while we don’t expect for you to see a “GOING VIRAL” experience with our content (engagement marketing is a long game – not a one off tactic)… you should be able to get a good feel yourself for the way your social media platforms CAN be driving supporters to your page and your calls to action!

Typically within the first month, we see a 100% increase in engagement and reach based on Facebook & Instagram insights.  Our goal is not to gain followers, its to have those following you ACTIVELY participating!

All Splooters have access to the same Content Templates which are put together by our Pet Welfare Marketing Strategist each month and released weekly BUT – it’s up to you and your team to customize and post that content.

Our Marketing Strategist will put together a customized content posting strategy for Digital Marketing Splooters which includes branded templates with Quick Win recommendations. 

A BIG PLUS to the Full Digital Marketing Membership is we will walk you through setting your team up with simplified media and experience sharing systems!

We keep 2 weeks worth of template links active on the Dashboard… depending on when you begin your trial you will have access to current and previous week or current and upcoming week templates!

You’ll need to sign up for a Canva account, which is FREE for charities.  We do use “Pro” elements so if you are not a registered charity using the Pro version and are only using the Free, Individual Use version, some elements might not work.

Once signed up, our template links will automatically send you to Canva to use and customize.


The only thing that we keep our logo on is the Pet Parenting Download Guides and its super small on one front cover.

Everything else is meant for you to be branded and customized with personal touches as you see fit to make them your own!  The captions are there to serve as a guideline for best use of marketing language in social media mediums.

While we do our very best to keep high value resources and services extremely feasible, it still costs money for us to be a full-time resource to pet welfare organizations.

Also, fun fact.  The general rule in business marketing is “if it’s Free to you- you’re the product.”    Use Facebook – it’s free to use but you sure are getting bombarded with a ton of advertisements right?  Because you are the product Facebook is selling to businesses for advertising rights!  Facebook needs to get paid somehow!

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