The UltiMUTT "Click & Post" Planning Solution!

Sploot! offers digital marketing content in clickable, checklist outlines.  We do all the planning so you and your team don’t have to!  Plus – a pawsome Collaborative Community of additional support services!

A month's worth of marketing DONE in Minutes!

Just a few minutes each week spent scheduling marketing strategies from our clickable checklist items and you’ll see:

INCREASED Adoption & Transfer Rates

INCREASED Online Funding

INCREASED Team Camaraderie

INCREASED Post-Adoption Relationships 

INCREASED Community Involvement

INCREASED Supporter Engagement


Purposeful Planning!

Just one hour a quarter spent identifying your stressors and brainstorming realistic, easy, empowering and energizing ways to get your team excited about saving animals again!

INCREASED Team Communication & Morale

INCREASED Leadership Participation

DECREASED Compassion Fatigue


Collaborative Resource Community

Sploot is working diligently on animal welfare organizations’ behalf to create a collaborative community of services intended to provide mutually beneficial pet care opportunities for your organization and your online/local community.

Expert Facility, Foster, Adopter & Community Support!

Dogly Professional Advocates offers expert-led, real talk discussions and learning opportunities for a variety of behavioral and transitional challenges INCLUDING: 

– Behavior Modification for Volunteers & Staff 

– Basic Manners & Socialization for Fosters

– “All Things New Dogs & Puppies” for Adopters 

– Live Support Groups for those with Rescued Pets

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