Digital marketing & strategic Collaboration planning for Animal Welfare Organizations

Sploot Marketing Alliance is a network of animal welfare organizations using their collective audience to create powerful marketing and influencing platforms in the pet care space.

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After signing up, take one minute to complete the Animal Welfare Questionnaire and set up your Discovery Discussion (15-30 minutes).  This discussion will address your current digital marketing strategies, size and influencing power (current + potential) of your social media platforms and explain how we can service your social platforms to ensure they are drawing attention to your organization’s critical needs.

If you decide to move forward as a Strategic Collaborator, you’ll be added to the 2022 Sploot Marketing Alliance Facebook group to stay current on content strategies and best practices to grow AWO platforms, potential pet care collaborators, impact brainstorming calls and so much more! Otherwise, you’re welcome to continue using our monthly content strategies yourselves!

“I'm determined to bring well deserved opportunities to animal shelters and rescue organizations by showcasing their true value and powerful influencing position in the pet care industry.”

~ Dana
Sploot Founder

The Outdated Shelter Stereotype is CANCELLED

Digital audiences today are demanding relationships and connectivity on a whole new level.  They want to learn about experiences, products, next steps from those they deem as trustworthy sources (which has led to the Age of the Influencer.)  So what does this all mean for AWOs?  AWOs need to shift their platforms from “we need this from you to trustworthy, influencing resources for current and potential pet owners offering “we put this together for you” intentions.  Building better relationships with your audience and welcoming strategic collaborations with pet care businesses for mutual benefit is the only way to move into 2022, otherwise, prepare yourself… because you’ve been cancelled.

The Struggle is in the Nonprofit Mindset

Animal lovers are willing to spend HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS making pets’ lives more enjoyable – and AWOs can be sharing in this by shifting out of a nonprofit mindset.  Approaching animal welfare in the belief it will always be a begging, desperate, “others owe it to us because we are a do-good nonprofit” circumstance is no longer accepted by digital audiences, staff, volunteers, donors or even other shelter/rescue organizations.  If your organization is struggling, look at your leadership authorities and be candid about how willing you/they are to admit (professional) help outside the scope of current leadership potential is needed.  There is no shame in needing help, but when it is offered, if you aren’t willing to consider it, your organization will always struggle the same.

Preparing for 2022: Make a Bold Move

In alliance with each other, Animal Welfare Organizations (AWOs) have MASSIVE animal lover influencing potential, which is a highly sought after platform for pet owners and pet care businesses. Sploot’s goal is to showcase the true value of AWOs’ media platforms within the pet care space by offering digital marketing and strategic planning for organizations ready (or not) to move into progressive sheltering and rescue models.

how do AWOs become influencing platforms?

Strategic Marketing & Operational Planning

Sploot will allow you to dedicate the limited human and financial resources your organization has on your pets while we concentrate on the greatest opportunities to maximize public interest through digital marketing platforms.

Social Media Management

Sploot will analyze your social media and then focus on distributing content that will engage your following, expand your reach and bring awareness to your organization's most critical needs (like long term stay pets, transport needs or team building).

Online Fundraising

Sploot will set up online fundraising events to raise money using "world-wide" reach platforms that allows you to increase funding without having to use up volunteer time, build virtual donor relationships and drive awareness to your organizations critical financial needs through education and experience sharing.

Email Marketing

Sploot will allow you to develop meaningful relationships with your supporters using a blend of personalized messages and "in the know" community updates to enable a sense of deep connection and vested interest in the successful continuation of your organization.

Adoptable Pet Promotions

Sploot will create promotional communications content specifically designed to spread knowledge in a way that sparks interest and influences online supporters to connect with animals in your care and take actions to help ensure they find their way out of higher risk facilities and into rescue organizations, foster homes and ultimately, the arms of their adopter(s).

Team Building & Recruiting

Sploot will encourage your team to work together effectively by establishing a virtual space within your organization that uses purposeful activity prompting intended to increase motivation, show appreciation and continuously strengthen the bond between your team so they are compelled to recruit more animal-lovers into that same space naturally.


you've got questions & we've got answers.

Sploot Marketing is an advocate determined to bring digital marketing and operational growth resources to animal welfare organizations within the pet care space.  Our goal is to provide strategic content and collaborations, guidance, and marketing plans in a proactive effort to provide equal opportunities for animal welfare organizations that have to date, gone unrecognized as critical supporters within the pet care industry.

There’s no catch – as strategic planners, we’ve come up with the simplest and most impactful way to help by offering several opportunities to work with us, all which are realistic and feasible for most volunteer-run, underfunded, understaffed organizations.  Our focus is to provide much needed digital marketing resources to animal welfare organizations by facilitating mutually beneficial collaboration with pet care businesses.

Our Marketing Strategist has over 10 years of experience working in Sales, Operations Management and Marketing & Business Development.  The foundation of our Marketing Strategist’s career was molded in a sales focused, highly-competitive and “earn what you earn” environment within the financial industry.  She applies the same principles of “Goal-Getting” but shifted competition to collaboration and then sprinkles in mentoring and coaching to create a nurturing, supportive and encouraging approach to strategic marketing and planning.

With that being said, everything about growth requires risk taking and a willingness to try things just outside the scope of your comfort zone.  Simply put, change cannot happen without change.  Immediate and radical changes will take place and it does require patience to see results – but it is guaranteed that making high demand, progressive changes WILL create opportunities previously unattainable.

After the initial onboarding session, your Marketing Strategist is available for “Power Sessions” as you need them.  These sessions are no more than 30 minutes and will address clarification of questions, re-explanation of action items, “You can do it” motivations, etc.  We assume you’ll need a little more nurturing in the first few months and after that will feel confident enough in your growth and development to meet every quarter (which we recommend).

Our goal for 2022, is to bring attention to the imbalance in the pet care space, demanding equal opportunities for animal welfare organizations that to date, pet businesses have only been privy to which includes human resources to drive digital and operational growth for animal welfare organizations.

Onboarding is quick and simple – you will complete a questionnaire and then schedule a discovery call with our Marketing Strategist to learn about the influencing power of your platform and how you can be a part of the Sploot Marketing Alliance of 2022.  

Of course!  Memberships are monthly, so you can cancel at any time right in your member login page.

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