Better Resources for
Underfunded Orgs


Better Advocacy for
At Risk Pets


Better Appreciation for
Dedicated Teams


Better Support for
Parents with New Pets


Better Engagement for
Rescue Pet Supporters

Team Gifts

Free goodies each month for your dedicated team

Foster Fund

Financial incentive to foster long stay pets

Content Creation

Prewritten content to keep supporters engaged
WE're here to help

Higher Standards of Marketing Support

We provide pet welfare organizations with zero cost, zero effort marketing programs that build mutually beneficial relationships with rescue pet supporters by focusing on connection, camaraderie and collaboration.
Spotlight Foster Fund
New Pet Support Series
Team Appreciation Gifts
Monthly Pet Tips Content
Goodies Delivered
splooting with us

We make it really, really simple.

Sign Up & Start Services

We do it all, literally. You simply sign up for programs you'd like to implement and we'll send you the ready-to-use, customized tools.

Brand Collaborations

We put together mutually beneficial programs that bring critical resources to your organization by do-gooding pet care brands.

Providing Progressive
Marketing Programs

Spotlight Foster Fund

Everything needed to boost engagement, reach and interest in fostering long stay pets 

Team Appreciation

Free pet products and special discounts to show appreciation for your team's  help

New Pet Support

Automated sms + email series for adopters with new pets and 1st time foster parents

Pet Tips Content

Monthly content bundle with customizable templates for social media and email campaigns


Pets in Our Foster Incentive Program


Our purpose is to support yours.

We believe in a higher standard of marketing

All of our programs are designed for one very specific purpose: offer a higher standard of marketing solutions to pet welfare professionals that are inclusive, realistic and feasible for all teams to implement immediately.

We create opportunities using collaborations

Pet brands and pet welfare orgs want to work together, there is often not a simple, feasible or realistic way to accommodate such a strategic alliance.  Our team serves as a bridge between these two industries bringing financial a human resources into the pet welfare space and relationships building into the pet brand space.

We provide free services to pet welfare orgs

All of our programs come with content kits... but unlike any other marketing tool, we also provide the human resources to implement these programs for your already over-extended team.

We are passionate about long stay pets

We love all pets - but our hearts belong to the boxy heads, jowly-droolies, spicy senior dogs who are currently at the highest risk for behavioral decline in shelters and/or unnecessary euthanasia. 

We enjoy "gifting" back to dedicated teams

Pet welfare organizations are nothing without the very supportive teams constantly giving more of themselves to the pets in need than they (technically) have to.  We enjoy providing them with free goodies and special offers as a token of appreciation for all they do.


Because your team deserves it.

Show your appreciation by offering a free goodie from one of our collaborative pet care brands to your team each month as a thank you!
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+23 425 4466 80
Mon - Sun: 8AM - 8PM