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Use the below tools to share content and communicate your digital marketing needs with us.  All links can be shared with your team as you see fit but are only unique to you (they are not generic links to all Sploot Members).

PENDING Digital Marketing Strategies

Sploot is Empowering

Templates and Recommendations for:

  • Leadership Roles & Responsibilities
  • Volunteer & Foster Monthly Commitment Agreement
  • Foster Onboarding Training & Development
  • Interteam Communication Portal
    • #Slack*
    • Webpage
  • Content Repositioning
  • Language Cohesiveness
  • Guam Resource Portal Vibes
  • Re-Engagement Email for Subscribers and Team
  • Birthday Shouts
  • Volunversary Shouts
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Social Sharing Prompts
  • Up to 250 Posts on Facebook
  • Up to 250 Pets added to IG Highlights
  • Instagram Grid
  • 1 Adoptables Showcase
  • Monthly Crowdfunding
  • Donate Buttons on All Posts
  • Shared Online Learning Events
  • Local Events as Needed
  • Call to Action Online Events
  • Virtual Adoptables Showcase
  • Virtual Volunteer Showcase
  • Calendar Content on Facebook and Insights Highlights
  • Community Updates on Facebook and Insights
  • Quick Tips on Highlights
  • Post Adoption Feedback
  • Weekly Prompting for Team Joining
  • Volunteer Opportunities Highlights IG
  • Pet Sharing/Foster Highlights IG



Focused Goals for JAN – MARCH

  1. Define HEART Membership & Amend Bylaws
  2. Create Boonies Program Mission Focus
  3. $1,000 Monthly Donations
  4. Increase Online Engagement/Followers by 35% 







  • Complete Monthly Update Form



  • Social Media Engagement
  1. Inside Happenings Folder – add photos and complete Engagement Form
    1. Add any photos/videos from fosters or volunteers into folders for future use otherwise “stock photo” placeholders will be used to keep flow of content consistent
  2. Complete Events Form to add any Enrichment Prep Days, Walking Days, Board Meetings for Planning, that required cooperation vs just personal experience


  • Adoptables
  1. Long Term Stay Folder
    1. Add NEW folders for pets needing to be promoted, drop in info and photos/videos
    2. Update current folders with new photos/videos
    3. Shift to ADOPTED FOLDER for pets that are now in homes, include Adoption Photo in folder is taken
    4. Shift to TRANSFERRED FOLDER for pets moved into partnering rescue – add Org name in folder title
  2. Adoptables – Add folder with NAME and photo/video content


  • Events & Fundraising
  1. Complete Fundraiser Questionnaire for any new needs
  2. Complete Events Questionnaire to add events online
  3. Add Folder to include additional photos/videos and “about” details for fundraisers or events as noted in the questionnaire


Here’s what has been scheduled:

  • Engagement for January
  • Adoptables
  • Long Term Stay Showcase


Here’s what has been posted:

  • Community Update
  • Adoptables IG Highlights
  • Volunteering IG Highlights


Design Your Digital Space:

  • Complete the Form to pick your visual aesthetics:
    • This form will include instructions on granting access for Sploot to edit your Facebook and Instagram platforms


Review & Work On:

  • Strategic Planning Workbook
  • By-Laws Examples (DUE BY 28th)
  • Website Draft Approval (Dana to Notify when Demo Completed – By 25th)
  • Account Logins Sheet 
    • Add Instagram
    • Add Mailchimp
    • Add Facebook Editor
    • Add Website
    • Add ShelterLuv


Familiarize Yourself with your Content Sharing Folders and Start Adding Content:

  • Start with your Branding Kit
  • Next Add Adoptables
  • Next Add Photos to be used as Foster/Volunteer Promotions


Engagement Email Blasts:

Once we are set up on Social Media, we will draft an email for you to send to your subscriber list and volunteer team to introduce your new Pet Welfare & Parenting Community in an effort to jumpstart engagement!



To ACCESS FOLDERS: Click on the icon for the folder you want to access.  To SHARE FOLDERS: Hover over the icon, RIGHT click, then click “Copy Link” to share with your internal team or include in inter-team communications.  To FILL OUT QUESTIONNAIRES: Click the drop down and tap the link for the questionnaire you’d like to complete.

Branding Kit


Email Marketing

Events & Fundraising

Social Media Engagement

Team Building/Recruiting

Content Questionnaires

Use this form to capture the happenings and results within your organization to share with your digital community supporters.


Use this form to enter information about fundraising needs.  Emergent or Critical Fund needs will be listed within the week if all information is provided.  Routine/Non Emergent funding will be added in as part of your monthly content schedule.

***Make sure to use your Fundraising Folder to add photos or additional info.***


Use this form to enter information about local or virtual events and ALSO routine happenings within your organization that can bring awareness as to the INTERNAL events (ie, spay/neuter drop off, behavior training, transports).  Please note Emergent or Critical Event needs (hoarding case that requires fosters asap) will be listed within the week if all information is provided.  Routine/Non Emergent events will be added in as part of your monthly content schedule.

***Make sure to use your Events Folder to add photos or additional info.***




Yearly Planning Call

Focused Planning with Workbook

A Full, 1-2hr Discovery discussion about your organization including operational functions, satisfaction rating of each function, goal setting, action planning, leadership coaching and accountability, motivational brainstorming of immediate impacts that can open opportunities for growth and development and overall re-alignment to inspire your continuation with your mission.

Empowerment Calls

Boosts of Confidence

30 Minute conversations intended to clarify an action item, reassure a plan of action is being implemented properly, re-evaluation in consideration of unexpected bumps, new points of contact or communication support.

Quarterly Calls

Accountability to Action Plans

This is a re-discovery conversation.  We will review your Action Plan & Goals, determine satisfaction of each and adjust or set new goals for the following quarter.  Includes discussion, coaching or guidance in regard to operational function, accountability, development and motivational brainstorming.

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