Our goal is to help you build long term, supportive relationships with adopters focused on providing pet parents with a “personalized touch point” for the first 2 months post adoption using gentle guidance on how to mindfully transition and socialize pets in new homes + we’ll weave your pet brand collaborations into follow up emails and on your mini-resource site to help generate donations.  We encourage you to discuss the Pet Brand Collab with your adopters so they are away they get a 1st Free Flea+Tick Treatment for their new pet.

Simple QR Code Scan with 4 question sign up that triggers post adoption emails and instantly directs to your fully branded Quick Links mini-site.

We drive adopters to your PARENTING.PET/FWACCadopters, easy to navigate support center filled with contact details, recruiting, training guides, pet planners, pet tips and exclusive offers that generate donations.  

Use the customization form to add additional links to adopter’s groups, feedback forms, pet update forms and any other references you’d like in the “Quick Links” section.  Otherwise, unused buttons will be removed.

Automated series of “check-ins” including tips for transitioning pets with tips to transition adopted pets and help other pets and family members adjust safely and comfortably at prescheduled date of Day 1, Week 1, Month 1 and Month 2.  *We will email you a subscriber list each month.

Use the customization form to specify “FROM” and “REPLY TO” emails, otherwise emails default as sent from “ADOPTERTIPS@parenting.pet”.

*We will activate and brand all your emails once you confirm you’d like to participate.  View drafts below*

Generate donations as a result of promotions offered in email follow ups and on mini-site.  We will email you a donations update every month!  

We encourage you to discuss the PetFriendly Collab with your adopters so they are away they get a 1st Free Flea+Tick Treatment for their new pet.


PetFriendly donates $20 for each new pet parent who makes a first purchase 

PetFriendly donates 1 flea+tick treatment for every flea+tick treatment purchased by referred pet parents



ADOPTER TREAT: PetFriendly gives adopters a FREE first flea+tick treatment for one adopted pet

ALL PET PARENTS: PetFriendly gives all pet parents a FREE first flea+tick treatment for one pet


As of July 2022

Dogly offers resource guides written by pet care professionals in the areas of positive reinforcement training, nutrition, well-being and preventative care which are included on all Adopter Support Pages and Pet Parenting Community Pages and content topics for monthly awareness and safety.

Dogly offers a 5% donation to all shelters/rescues if products are purchased through their website prompted by guided resources.


As of July 20222

your best friend's new best friend!

FREE Flea+Tick Treatment

Taking care of your pets shouldn’t be confusing. PetFriendly tailors their products to your pet’s specific needs and delivers straight to your door every month, right on time, so you can give your pets the care they need right away.   AND, your pet’s the star of the box with their name and photo right on the front.

PetFriendly gives ONE FREE TREATMENT to pet parents and also donates a flea+tick treatment to our organization for every treatment our supporters purchase!  Just make sure to pick us as your Favorite Rescue!

    National Lost Pet Prevention Month

    July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month and serves as an important reminder to make sure our pets stay safe and don’t get lost.

    Even if you think you’re doing all the right things as a pet parent to prevent your pets from getting lost, accidents happen.  It’s always good to brush up on safety practices and learn about new technologies being used to help pets that are lost find their way home.

    1. Microchip Your Pet.  And every year, make sure you check the chip is still working!
    2. Keep Collars On!  We all love a “nakey” pet but truth is, visible identification is the fastest way to ensure pets are returned.
    3. Teach “Come” & “Stay”.  Pet recall, even in cats, can be a lifesaving measure that prevents pets from getting lost or seriously hurt in social settings.
    4. Use a “Let’s Go Outside” Trigger.  We’re not talking about jingle bells.  Using a controllable noise (like a clicker or tap button) to go offer ONLY when you want your pet to go outside can prevent rushing the doors or leaving unintentionally.  Your pets should only leave when you signal them to with your noise trigger.  
    5. Keep Leashes On!  Even in secure spaces, having your pet on a leash during an unexpected situation gives you much more control to manage it.
    6. Secure Your Home/Yard.  For good measure, you should do a quick check of spaces pets can potentially access outside from inside (doors, windows, etc).  All the same, checking exterior fencing that prevents pets from accessing the world beyond your yard (and keeps other pets from entering!)
    7. Spay & Neuter Pets.  Altering pets removes the drive to wander off to find a baby-making buddy.  Even if your pets are kept secure, aggressive males might cause an unspayed female to bolt if she is giving off the “yes” scents males are drawn to.
    8. Known Your Scenery.  Make sure the environment you have your pet is safe and keep a calm, but cautious eye out for potential concerning situations.  In addition, never leave pets unsupervised if you can’t keep a cautious eye out for them.
    9. Use Travel Safety Practices.  Keep collars on during travel and secure pets using tethering, seatbelts or crates.  If you are concerned pets might bolt when you open the door, make sure you keep a leash on them and have it secure before opening the door.
    10. Keep Updated Photos.  If your pet does get lost, being able to quickly access photos to post on social media and distribute on flyers is extremely useful.
    1. Post on Your Social Media.  Make a post on your own social media and make sure to notate the last time you saw your pet and where.
    2. Do a Search on Facebook for “Lost Pet” groups in your local area (think state, town, county).  Share your social media post in these groups.
    3. Post on Petco LoveLost.  This is national listing free to use.
    4. File a Missing Pet Report with your Local Animal Control.
    5. Check Found Reports on local shelter websites.


    *Do NOT wait to take action if you believe your pets is missing!  In most states, found pets picked up by animal control are only subject to a 7-14 day “stray hold” before they are eligible for adoption by the shelters, so make sure to check the FOUND REPORT listings daily.

    monthly pet awareness