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We understand the critical role fundraising plays in supporting the operations and outreach of pet welfare organizations. To streamline this process, we’ve taken an innovative and interactive approach – one that brings in necessary funds while also raising awareness, fostering a sense of community, and highlighting the longest stay pets in your care.

Brand Sponsored

Our brand-sponsored digital fundraisers are carefully crafted to captivate your audience and drive participation. By collaborating with pet-friendly brands, we provide all the necessary products and create engaging content that’s ready for you to share. 

Our unique approach takes the weight off your team, allowing you to focus on the well being of the pets in your care while we curate effortless and effective virtual events to raise funds and resources to support them.  In addition to raising funds, the sponsoring brand will also promote the event to their audience and showcase your long stay pets, raising awareness about your organization and the most in need pets in your care.

A Peanut Butter Licking Fundraiser Case Study

Our recent Peanut Butter Licking Fundraiser is an excellent example of the magic that unfolds when we bring together caring brands, engaged audiences, and deserving pets. Mighty Paw, a pet-focused brand, sponsored this delightful event for several organizations, providing each with their dog-friendly “Bark N Butter” peanut butter, several lick pads, and $100 to start things off on the right paw!

Supporters were encouraged to donate $5 per spoonful of peanut butter to be joyously devoured by shelter dogs. These heartwarming moments were captured in video and photos and released on National Rescue Dog Day on both the organization and Mighty Paw’s social media platforms for everyone to enjoy.

Results were pretty impressive for an effortless fundraiser that required nothing more than posting twice!

  • Posts shared over 300 times
  • Average $650 per organization
  • Over 50 adoptable dogs promoted
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Join Our Fundraisers

Are you ready to join in on the fun and host your own digital fundraiser? We can’t wait to collaborate with you and design an event that uniquely fits your organization’s needs. Together, we can raise funds, generate awareness, and create unforgettable moments that inspire your community to support your cause.


Our commitment to empowering organizations through vetted partnerships, ongoing feedback, and streamlined collaborations sets us apart… and we understand you may have questions.  We’re providing answers to some commonly asked questions and we’re also happy to chat if you have more!

How are brands involved in the fundraiser events?

Brands participate by sponsoring the event. The supply any necessary products/supplies and promote the event to their audience as well.  For example, in our Peanut Butter Licking Fundraiser, Mighty Paw sponsored the event and provided their dog-friendly "Bark N Butter" peanut butter along with several lick pads and a monetary donation.

How would our organization benefit?

Digital fundraisers not only raise funds but also serve as an excellent opportunity to create awareness about your organization, foster a sense of community, and build positive relationships with your supporters.  Additionally, it's a great start to building deeper relationships with supportive brands.

What is required to participate?

We aim to make it as effortless as possible for you.  Your organization will primarily need to customize and share the pre-written posts using the content and graphics we provide. 

How much do fundraisers raise?

We tailor each digital fundraiser to engage your audience actively - making it fun and feasible to donate. For instance, in the Peanut Butter Licking Fundraiser, supporters were asked to donate $5 per spoonful of peanut butter given to the dogs.  Organizations raised and average of $650 posting two times.

How do we participate?

Simply sign up to be on notification list - we will email you with an available fundraiser and ask if you'd like to participate. 

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