Fun, Engaging & Resourceful.

A monthly Foster Camaraderie email program that helps pet welfare organizations to build better relationships within their foster team, keep fosters engaged, provide supportive resources and offers monthly appreciation gifts!  



1st Time Fosters.

This automated program offers weekly guidance for the first 2 month becoming a new dog foster parent.  

Consistent Check-Ins with Tips

Weekly check-ins via email (with a splash of texts) filled with tips to ease the transition into new homes and manage physical/emotional expectations as a foster parent

Planners & Professional Guidance

Each email includes a printable pet planner and Dogly's professional training guides that include instruction, trackable actions, videos and real-talk discussions

Return Reducing Freebie!

All fosters will be sent a Free Lick Pad, a critically helpful tool when decompressing new pets in unfamiliar homes



Pet Parent Tools.

Monthly emails filled with relevant and relatable guidance and helpful resources that offer opportunities to learn, plan and even shop for foster and/or personal pets.  

Personalized Pet Planner

Each pet has a fully interactive and printable support planners with customizable details, activity management and update sharing forms

Pet Focused Awareness & Pawlidays

Each month includes nationally recognized, pet-care focused awareness tips and "pawliday" celebrations meant to engage and educate

Training & Planning Guides

Option to utilize fully interactive support plans and library of pet care + training guides for all stages of pet parenting



Dog Foster Appreciation.

Every month we make sure fosters feel appreciated, recognized and supported!


A fun token of appreciation keeps fosters engaged as they eagerly anticipate the monthly freebie offer!

Birthday Shout Outs!

The best way to show appreciate is recognizing fosters individually!
Birthday Email are sent if opting into receiving them!

Supporter Discounts

Special discounts each month for pet welfare aligned products that directly support pets in the care of foster selected organizations!



Social Sharing Prompts.

We create and send monthly content including themed designs,  pre-written captions, bio writing tips and prompts that make it easy to promote foster pets!

Media Sharing Reminders

Gentle reminders to send updated photos to your marketing team so they can share fosters pets on social media

Feature Your Foster Prompts

Tips and suggestions for featuring foster pets on personal social media platforms and how to promote within the community

Easy Digital Fundraising

We provide easy, effortless digital fundraising ideas to help fosters engage their friends, family and social followers to support their pet welfare organization

Sploot Marketing is a pet welfare focused strategic planning service on a mission to develop innovative, progressive solutions which create a more sustainable position for pet welfare organizations.