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sploot marketing

Meet Dana.

Dana cofounded All Fur One Pet Rescue & Adoptions in 2018 and it quickly it opened her eyes to the realization of just how incredibly hard it is for the majority of pet welfare organizations to implement marketing strategies (especially digital) due to severe underfunding and lack of human/technological resources. 

Sploot was created because “frankly, DIY Toolkits aren’t enough and are pretty useless without the luxury to dedicate staff to implement it.”  Dana believes access to effortless, yet highly effective tools should be available to EVERYONE caring for pets in need and not just to “luxurious” pet welfare organizations that have the financial funding to hire staff. 

Setting out to discover the best means to bring wealth into the pet welfare space by approaching those within the pet care industry, Dana crossed paths with Cory and together they’ve been able to create a full-scale support system that bridges the gap between Pet Welfare and Pet Brands using the Parenting.pet Marketing Platform.



Meet Cory.

Cory (and her awesome Momma) founded Dogly after relentless questioning, a healthy amount of frustration and refusal to take the status quo for an answer… and of course, because they love dogs!

Dogly was created to help make getting answers about dog care simple.  Cory and the community she created for dog lovers consists of professionals certified in positive training, nutrition and wellness ready to offer guidance and advise all in one place.

Wanting to do more for those in pet welfare, Cory offered to take on the task of fiercely vetting and negotiating with pet brands that have products/services worthy of being promoted to the trusting adopters, fosters and supporters seeking sound recommendations and guidance from pet adoption organizations.

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Sploot Marketing is a pet welfare focused strategic planning service on a mission to develop innovative, progressive solutions which create a more sustainable position for pet welfare organizations.