Commonly Asked Questions


The simplest response to the frequently asked questions about using social media for pet welfare purposes.

Managing social media is a leadership responsibility that plays a critical role in organization success – volunteers can help coordinate media but should not be not managing this huge responsibility.

It should be organized as if pages on a website, with each highlight giving relevant info and easy access to details without having to leave.  Always have Cats/Dogs mixed in Adopt!

Mapping out a content marketing plan for the entire month and pre-publishing as much as possible.

High Value Connection Media.  Videos of personalities, photos with as much interaction with people and other animals.

Nope.  BUT – every communication should reference where additional information can be found and that information should be easy to navigate.  Automation via ChatBots are a great resource for this.

Candid Camera Shots, especially sleeping and potato loaf poses.  They show off personalities and capture high value connection moments giving audiences a first person perspective of a life with them.

5-10 second videos of individual pets once a day and 3+ minute videos twice a week of a compilation of pets.

Pet welfare organizations have little creative energy left to manage digital marketing after their time physically caring for pets.  I do it for everyone.

1. Give Value 2. Give Value 3. Give Value (High Engagement is a result of giving 3 times more resource value before asking for any support).

5-15 Second videos, Fun Facts, Quick Tips, Pet Themed Awareness Days, Adoptable Updates

Each organization has different goals but in general to start it is to re-engage volunteers/fosters to help with media, re-engage current audience & increase audience by 15%

No.  However, there should be a well established Content Collection Strategy where volunteers and fosters can provide regular content to use for social media.

Every week at first then every 28 days.

Nothing, it’s a great place to connect with pet loving audiences.  It is challenging at times to keep up with platform updates due to competitiveness between them.

YES!  The only purpose of Social Media is to DRIVE action!  Social Media is not a website – it is a source of social connection to content and information.

Nope.  It happens so easily, especially when you are actually asking your audience to be a referral resource of new pet lovers.

Always piggy back them on dog photos which tend to generally share more.  Do NOT allow audiences to separate cats and dogs as pets.

Nope.  Celebrities don’t know your organization the way your volunteers and fosters do.  They are your Ambassadors!

Absolutely!  Same mission – but we all have a way of doing things… a look, a feel, a tone that makes us unique.

A SIMPLE “Yes!” List of positive highlights that gets people in the door so you can more intimately communicate any other particular needs one on one.

Candid Shots of pets being adorable followed up with a one sentence caption about the experience of that moment.

Yes – but mostly to highlight Action Items.

Creative Energy is depleted by the everyday demands of pet welfare organizations or life plus volunteering afterwards.

Be CONSISTENT with your content.

Minimum of 1 post per day in the feed, 3 reels per week and updating highlights weekly.

As many as you can realistically be CONSISTENT in posting every single day.

Hands down engagement rate over followers.  Having 100k+ followers is useless if less than 1% are actively sharing and taking action when asked.

On Instagram, yes.  It includes a range of pet related and inspiration/motivation hashtags.

Slow and STEADY.  If you’re posting random stuff you’ll have random results.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

Yes, 100% of them.  Of about 150 IG/FB posts each month, 75% are done in one sitting and 25% are scheduled weekly.

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