email marketing

Send emails in a way you are recognizing it's a privileged connection - as opposed to one you think you are entitled to.

supporter subscriber lists

Having someone's email address is a trust exercise. It is given to you with the expectation you will use it respectfully and for the purposes it was intended. Make sure to include in all of your email requests that they will be placed on your email updates lists and can remove themselves at any time. Additionally, make sure that anyone at any time they spark interest in your organization, they can add themselves to your supporter list!

email timing

Make sure to use your supporter email lists for important, relevant and timely information. If you are intrusive, you will have your access removed. Treat email addresses as if it is a privilege to have this information and avoid using it in a self-serving spam approach. The more consistent you are with your email use, the more welcomed it will be.

personal touches matter

Even though your reader will know it is automated, "individualizing" your email lists is so important. Make sure to create personal touch emails like birthday shout outs, adoption follow ups like adoptaversary congratulations and for volunteers also recognizing volunteer anniversaries. For donors, create donation automation that sends a personalized thank you each time a donation is received.

compelling coffee talk

The content in your emails should be engaging, compelling and bring your subscribers current on all the happenings in your organization since the last email. It will include factual statistics, successes, heartwarming info and opportunities to contribute as a supporter. Imagine the reader is anywhere taking time out of there day to relax, drink a cup of coffee and catch up on reading - what info will keep them focused on the operations and mission while further developing a vested connection with your organization.

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