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TO: Adopter Name <>

SUBJECT: Congratulations on Adopting PETNAME


Congratulations on adopting PETNAME We’re so excited to support you both as you begin your new life together!  In this email we’ve included today’s support kit plus a few special supporter discounts and giveaways as a THANK YOU for opening your heart and home to a pet in need!

New Pet Support Kit - 1st Day Together

First Impressions Matter!

Here’s a few clickable tips, Dogly training guides and helpful tools to make your first day together a great success!

Printable Planners – Fun for the Whole Family!


Dogly’s Professional Training Guides

Our friends at Mighty Paw have some great tools to make potty training bot adult dogs and puppies easier!  Their training bells vary from a simple jingle to smart bells pups can push which sends a notification to make sure you never miss their potty signal!

If you use our supporter code, you’ll get $15 off this or any other first time purchase! AND – when you shop for your new pet, you’ll be generating donations for ours as we receive 20% of all purchases totals when supporters use our code!

Make sure to use our supporter code: ORGCODE


Here’s a FREE flea+tick treatment for PETNAME! 

Petfriendly gives our adopters a free treatment for their new pet AND – if you decide to make a purchase from them, they will donate $20 and a flea+tick treatment for one of PETNAME’s shelter friends in our care still!

Just make sure to select ORGNAME as your favorite rescue when you claim your freebie!



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