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10/8: Vet Nurse Day

Veterinary Nurse Day was established to raise awareness of those men and women who work alongside the veterinarians every day to help heal, comfort, and protect our pets.

Veterinary nurses are your first contact in the office when it comes time for care, they speak to you about what issues are facing your pets, and help to prepare them for treatment, keeping them calm and comfortable.

When your pet has to stay at the facility, the Vet Nurse is the one who makes sure their bandages are changed, they’re fed and watered, and that they get a little time spent with love and attention so they aren’t lonely during their stay.

Take time today to celebrate and thank these incredible members of your veterinary care staff!

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10/13: Pet Obesity Awareness Day

For years APOP has been conducting surveys to determine the state of health our pets are in, and unfortunately, it has determined that our pet obesity problem is only getting worse.  Currently more than half of all domestic dogs and cats are clinically overweight amounting to nearly 49 million dogs and more than 50 million cats who are a bit portlier than their peers.

Obesity can lead to serious health issues for these animals including diabetes, arthritis, decreased life expectancy, high blood pressure and cancer.  

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If your pet is looking a little porkie – you can it’s time to start:

  • Researching proper nutrition for your pet’s life stage. is a great resource full of professional nutrition and wellness advocates who offer support groups to pet parents struggling with determining the best diets for their pet’s needs.  And even better, if you become a member of their community, our organization receives a donation!
  • Implement an easy but effective exercise routine.  Offer cats chaser opportunities and use teasers to stimulate their natural drive to hunt for several minutes a day!  Offer dogs a nice walk around the block each day!

10/23: National Pitbull Awareness Day

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was credited to Judy Preis of Bless the Bullys pitbull and education group in Tennessee.  It is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about bully breed dogs, commonly referred to as “pit bulls”.

The ultimate goal of this day is to promote Pit Bull knowledge, education, advocacy and positivity in an effort to counter negative connotations and false stigmas associated with this term that misrepresent dogs in this particular group.

The false reputation of pit bull types precedes itself thanks to misrepresentation in media.  Visual breed labeling of dogs that may resemble one of over 20+ bully breeds contributes to large scale societal issues including adopter discrimination, breed-banning in housing associations and rental communities and even higher premiums or denials on home owners insurance.

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10/28: Plush Animal Lovers Day

Plush Animal Lover’s Day is a reminder to reconnect with stuffed animals people often break their connection with as they grow older.  Just like stuffed animals that draw attention of children, many pets are purchased or adopted based on appeal and companionship needs in the moment and over the years, connection can be broken.  

Unlike plush animals, real animals require life-long care and financial support.  As an animal rescue support advocate, kindly encourage friends and family (and maybe yourself!) to consider the long term responsibilities of pet ownership, using faded connections with once loved plush toys over time as an educational conversation starter.  Parents can also use this conversation with children as an age appropriate explanation about pet ownership!

10/29: National Cat Day

National Cat Day began in 2005 and is credited to lifestyle writer Colleen Paige whose mission was to bring awareness to the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate cat ownership!

Let’s take it one step further and use this as a day to encourage NON-CAT owners to consider adopting a cat.  Cats are dynamic, personable, funny, sweet, cuddly, moody, troublesome, comedians, brats, loyal friends and life-long companions.

In addition, cats are scientifically proven to be good for you! Studies have proven that cats LITERALLY encourage physiological healing in humans through purring vibrations and that children who grow up in homes with cats are LESS likely to develop allergies as adults!  Go ahead, read the science!

Early Life Exposure to Cats May Reduce Risk of Childhood Allergies & Asthma Symptoms:

The Cat’s Purr: A Biomechanical Healing Mechanism?:

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10/31: Halloween

Wishing you all a Happy, Fun & Safe MEOW-loween filled with loud laughs and buckets filled with your favorite candies! Remember to keep pets secure in homes if unattended and if trick-or-treating, make sure they have proper identification tags on!